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Sudio T2 Review : Active Noise Cancelling that works!


When you have a name like T2, the expectations rise a couple of notches.

After all, if you are a fan of Terminator, you would know that it is one of the classic movie hits that will stick to the mind. Not only was the sequel a bigger hit than the first, but the new terminator codename T2 was also several grades higher with the ability to morph.

Ok, I digress.

Sudio T2 Review

While Sudio T2 may not morph into a different earpiece, underneath the familiar chassis lies a new beast. In terms of design, it resembles a more refine Sudio Tolv, one of the first truly wireless earphones we had tried in the past. Even the case resembles the old model, albeit a tad smaller

The Technology

However, the physical resemblance hides the leaps of technology within. Here is a laundry list of what T2 is capable of 

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Unlike the ANC of other headsets where low hiss can be detected and may the ear uncomfortable, the ANC of the Sudio T2 works like a charm. It's comfortable to put on and you barely can notice the difference. There is an option where you can also cycle through normal, active noise cancellation mode and transparency mode. This is useful especially if you would like to use the T2 while out for a jog.

Clear Dynamic sound

We like the sound emitted from the earpiece. It is not overwhelming with a subtle bass. Together with the ANC, it does create an immersive experience when we use the Sudio T2.

Long Battery Life

With a 7.5 hour listening time on one charge and up to 35 hours of battery life when used with the case, the Sudio can be your companion for hours of work or even a marathon. You can even quick charge it for up to 2 hours of listening time in a single 10-minute quick charge.

Your workout partner

It's sweat and splash-proof which is great for a session at the gym or a run around the estate.


The design of the Sudio T2 is unique to its brand. With design cues taken from the Sudio Tolv, you could say it is in a class of its own. The Sudio T2 comes in 4 different colours - white, black, sand and a new hue, Jade.


The Sudio T2 retails for $179. 

For readers of TWD, there is an additional 15% discount with the code TWD15 if you purchased from Sudio here.

TWD was provided with a Sudio T2 for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

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