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12 Top COVID Hotspots and 5 safest zones in Singapore


MOH has just published a COVID-19 Heatmap.

With over 21,000 COVID-19 cases just in the past 2 weeks alone, there have been requests from the people to be informed of active COVID-19 cases. Given the number of cases, doing it may not be feasible especially when resources are stretched to attend to the positive cases.

MOH had decided to publish a heatmap instead. This map shows the number of COVID-19 cases reported in areas around Singapore. It did not clarify if the source of these cases are from a particular area or if the person detected are living in the area. In any case, here are the Top 5 hotspots on the map and 5 safest places to be in Singapore.

Hotspots (230- 560 Detected)

  1. Aljunied
  2. Bedok North
  3. Geylang East
  4. Jurong West Central
  5. Jurong River
  6. Kian Teck
  7. North Coast
  8. Sengkang Town Center
  9. Senoko South
  10. Tampines East
  11. Woodland East 
  12. Yunnan

Do note that under the legend, it only shows a maximum of 560 cases, there may be more detected in the particular area. For example, Jurong West, Yunnan and Kian Teck are connected to each other and each of them has 230-560 cases detected.

As for the 'safe zones', you can consider moving there temporarily if you are paranoid. We do find it unnecessary if you just choose to stay at home. Here are 5 interesting Safe Zones you can consider

'Safe Zones'

1) Sentosa (0-10 cases)

A staycation paradise. You could book a hotel there for the next few weeks to hide out.

2) Bayfront (Marina Bay ( 0-10 cases)

With office workers working from home as default, this place will be relatively quiet. Book a hotel stay at the nearby Fullerton or Marina Bay Sands to enjoy City Living without the crowds

3) Central Water Catchment

We are not sure if you can camp overnight (you are probably not allowed to), but if you love nature, this is the Covid-19 free spot to head to.

4) The outer islands

Pulau Ubin and the outer islands are relatively free of COVID-19. You just need a speedboat or bumboat to get there. 

5) Your home

If you or your family are not given quarantine orders and you have daily negative ART test results, it would mean your house is COVID-19 free. If that is the case, just STAY AT HOME lah. It's probably the safest place to be in now.

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