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List and Rates of Open Electricity Market Suppliers Singapore

There has been a recent change in the electricity landscape. 

Open Electricity Market (OEM) suppliers were introduced a few years back. They had been providing contracts that peg the electricity rate at a lower value than the current prices. As such, it was beneficial for households to make the switch.

With the recent departure of iSwitch and OHM, only 10 OEM suppliers remain. 90,000 households from iSwitch and 27,000 households from OHM. Even within this rank, there are restructuring with Union Power dropping 850 customers. With these departures, understandably several households are concern about the future prospects of OEM. With more staying at home due to COVID19, electricity bills have already increased. Should OEM cease to operate, one may face as much as a 30% further rise in bills. 

Nonetheless, it is worth noting that unless you have an existing contract, the savings may not be as good for new customers. We compare the remaining OEM suppliers rates and SP Power rates. Out of the 10 remaining companies, only 8 are actively seeking new customers.

SP Power rates : 25.8 Cents per kilowatt (inc GST)

Keppel Electric

Has the largest share in the market of 22 % as of Apr 2021. The current rate is as follow.


The 2nd largest supplier. The fixed rates is now much higher than SP rates.


Tuas Power

Number 3 on the list. It has a plan (Power Do ) that provides 3% off regulated tariff, ensuring that you get a lower price compared to SP Powers.


SemCorp Power

The 4th largest since iSwitch departure. Currently, all plans are at 25.8 cents per Kwh


Seneko Energy

Has one of the lowest tariff with a 12 months 9% discount off the quarterly regulated tariff.


Pacific Light

Some plans are set lower than the current tariff rates.


Best Electricity

There are currently no plans listed on the website.


Diamond Electric

It has a plan on the website, but it is currently not available.



There is a 6 and 12 months plan available.


Union Partner

Union Partner has removed some of their clients but plans are still available


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