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Bistro Gardenasia Review : Dining at Singapore's Countryside

You can now dine out in groups of 5.

When that was reintroduced a few weeks back, we took the opportunity to travel to Singapore's Countryside to have a meal at Bistro Gardenasia. Truth be told, this is our third attempt to have a meal there. Our previous 2 attempts failed as we did not have reservations and the Bistro was packed. This time around, we immediately booked on the day when it was announced that household members can dine in groups of 5. 

It was also my missus and my birthdays, so this meal was apt as a birthday celebration for both of us. After a hiatus of almost 2 months, it sure felt great to be dining as a family. We opt for this spot because we love the idyllic setting. The journey here as well as the rustic backdrop make a perfect getaway for city dwellers.

Bistro Gardenasia

Tucked away at a corner of Kranji along Neo Tiew Cres, getting there by public transport can be quite a hassle. The best way to get there is by car or private transport. Located near Sungei Buloh, this hidden gem is often frequent by families after a trek at Sungei Buloh. 

The Bistro is part of Gardenasia that comprises of farm stay villas, a nursery, gallery, secret gardens and more around the compound. Unfortunately, we did not manage to explore the compound as we were not expecting so many other interesting spots there. That said, we could always save it for the next trip.

The Bistro is set alongside a big pond. If you look hard enough, you can spot fishes in the pond. We were told that this spot is the best for the evening as the sunset could be seen from the Bistro. 

Ironically, when we were there on a weekday, there was not much crowd. It's probably early days as the restriction on dining for more than 2 was lifted. It was a serene and peaceful setting fit for our mini celebrations. As a scorpion, ambience plays a big part in our choice of restaurant and this one ticks the right boxes.

The Food

We started our meal with a Finger Food Platter where we picked 3 dishes from their selection of sides.  Our choice was the Bistro Special Wings, Nachos with Salsa and Calamari with Tartar Sauce. Out of the 3, our favourite would be the calamari. It's soft to the bite, crispy but not chewy. Even the boys who do not usually partake in calamari enjoyed the dish.
Separately, each side cost $9, the platter cost $21.

Bistro Gardenasia Rosmary Chicken

It helps too when the food serve was delightfully fresh with a touch of greens. We ordered a set lunch (Available on weekdays only) that comprises of a main dish (Rosemary Chicken), soup and Ice Lemon Tea for a decent price of $19.80. For the price, the dish is worth every cent.

Bistro Fish and Chips

We also had the Fish and Chips. While the taste is good, the fillings can be a tad too flaky for our liking.

The Bistro emphasises a  farm to table experience. The ingredients used for the dishes are sourced from local farms and they were delightfully fresh and tasty. 

Our other dishes were the Pan-Roasted Lamb with Fresh Mint Sauce and the Grilled Ribeye with Red Wine Gravy. The presentation for both dishes was lovely and the meat was both tenderly grilled to perfection. At $28 per dish, it was worth the indulgence.

Overall, we love the rustic countryside vibes.  There are local delights with a western twist on the menu such as wild mushroom fried rice and grilled ribeye hor fun. We will save that for another visit.

Before you leave after your meal, do check out the local farm store located next to the Bistro.

They sell local produce by their neighbours in the same vicinity. Some of the products can be found in Supermarkets while others are exclusive here. What you will get is freshness as this is usually the first stop before it hits the rest of Singapore.

If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we recommend a visit to Bistro Gardenasia. This place is a good break away from the busy city. Stepping into it felt like one has taken life slower by a few notches. Food quality is decent and prices are relatively reasonable if you take the set meals. 

Bistro Garenasia
240 Neo Tiew Cres

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