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McDonald's Happy Meal Toys November 2021 : Tom & Jerry

Let the chase begin

From 28 Oct to 8 Dec, you could start collecting a Tom & Jerry toy with every McDonald's meal purchase. This popular cartoon duo will make any child happy with their antics.

There are a total of 10 toys to collect. Each toy comes with a mischief card too!

Week 1 | 28 Oct - 3 Nov:  Tom's Dustbin Antics, Jerry's Lawnmower

Week 2 | 4 Nov  -10 Nov: Jerry's Cheese Run

Week 3 | 11 Nov - 17 Nov: Tom and the Fishbowl

Week 4 | 18 Nov -24 Nov:  Tom's armchair, Jerry's vacuum

Week 5 | 25 Nov - 1 Dec: Tom's Toilet, Jerry's bath swim time

Week 6 | 2 Dec-8 Dec: Jerry's undercover cheese, Tom's Long Weight

If you are not a fan of Hasbro Gaming you could always opt for a book. 

Tiny Detectives: ' Can animals walk on water' will be the book for this period.

The series is written by Cressida Cowell, the English Children Author who is well known for her book 'How to Train a Dragon'

Which you would you choose?

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