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Headrock VR Sentosa Review: Virtual Reality Playground in Sentosa

When it rains in Sentosa, what is the best thing to do?

It happened to us during our Staycation where rain was forecasted throughout our stay.

To mitigate the possibility that we ended up stuck in the hotel room for the whole staycation, we decided to use our SingapoRediscover voucher to book a session at Headrock VR. In hindsight, it was a good call. Not only are we dry despite raining cats and doors outdoor, but we also had tons of fun as well.

Headrock VR 

Headrock VR

Headrock VR is a virtual reality playground for all ages. There are 8 different thematic attractions with an additional children's playground.  To play, they provide different packages that have vary number of play as follows.

HeadRock VR

PLAY 3:  Choose any 3 attractions to Play - $40

PLAY 5:  Choose any 5 attractions to Play - $60

PLAY 7:  Choose any 7 attractions to Play - $75

Headrock VR is located at  Silosa Road, opposite Fort Siloso entrance

Our Experience

Our tickets were booked via Klook using SingapoRediscover vouchers. On a side note, if you have not used the vouchers, the last date to book is on Dec 31 ( to be used by March 2022). We booked the PLAY 3 package. Using the discount from Klook ( $30 vs $40 onsite) and the discount is given to children from using the SingapoRediscover Voucher, we managed to book tickets for the 4 of us at under $100. A separate booking for the timeslot is necessary using the link Klook provided after booking.

Book your tickets to Headrock VR Here

Upon entertaining, we were greeted by a large warehouse-like room. It was much smaller than we expected, but nonetheless, it was not crowded and we had space to move around.

The VR sections were divided into 8 different zones spread throughout the room. There are individual plays, the group plays as well as virtual rides.

Virtual Games 

Action VR

Action VR

This section has 3 action game choices such as fruit ninja. We decided to give this a miss

Beat Saber

The boys had a go at the Beat Saber. You slash your saber to the beats of the rhythm and direction on the screen. It's like being a Jedi in a virtual world


Skyscraper Headrock VR

A one-person game where you have to battle enemy robots up in the air. With the combination of fans and beam, it makes an interesting game in the 'sky'.

Skyscraper Headrock VR

Zombie Buster

Zombie Buster Headrock VR

Battle in teams of up to 3 against Zombies that will come to you in all directions. The better the teamwork, the higher the score. A highly competitive and 'scary' game as you immerse in the world of Zombies. Probably the best game at Headrock VR

Jump Jump

Jump Jump Headrock VR

This looks more like a game for younger kids as you are strapped to a harness and jump around the forest through obstacles. If you want to play this, don't wear dresses for girls.


There are 3 VR rides at Headrock VR. While the setting is different, the experience is similar... a headache after each ride! 

Storm Blizzard

Storm Blizzard @ Headrock VR

The best visual ride of the lot with husky dogs and strong winds. You brave the blizzard and ride through snow-covered roads on a dog sledge.

Jungle Rafting

Ride through the rapids while escaping from a Trex

Extreme Train

Extreme Train

Ride the skies to a secret treasure island.

Personally, we think the 3 or 5 games option would suffice. Given that the rides are pretty similar and make your head spin, choosing 1 out of 3 is sufficient. You can save the rest of the gameplay for the virtual games instead. We think that Headrock VR is great for a family outing.

There is also a kids media interactive zone for children aged 3-12 that combines analogue and digital technology. We had not tried that on this trip. 

Kids Media Interactive Zone

You can book your tickets through Klook

A special souvenir will be given for every ticket booked.

Free Souvenir

For a rainy day out at Sentosa, Headrock VR, is a cool experience. You can also make a stop at the Interim Market next to Headrock VR for a meal thereafter. 

Headrock VR

80 Siloso Road 

Southside Blk B #01-03

Singapore 098969

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