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i12 Katong Reopening Review : Less than 20% shops are ready, but potential is there.

When I12 Katong first open its doors in 2011, there was a buzz along this part of the East.

For decades, Parkway Parade was the mainstay for shoppers and diners here, thus when another option is available, many Marine Paraders were excited. With the Peranakan theme, I12 Katong was touted to be the jewel of Joo Chiat. 

Alas, it did not live up to its potential. in March 2020, it was closed for extensive revitalization works. This coincides with the start of COVID-19 and leads to an extended closure. 21 months later, it reopened its door to the public... just in time for Christmas!

If you are expecting a big opening, you would probably be left disappointed. We headed there and found that only 25 out of 180 shops are open. The rest of the shops are set to open at different times in 2022.  

While not many shops are open, there are plenty of Instagramable opportunities around the mall. For those who would like to add to their social media quota, this is a great place to do so.

Here are 5 new things we noticed at the refreshed I12 Katong.

1) It looks bigger!

The interior had a revamp. The old I12 Katong was rather claustrophobic the moment you walk in. This time around, you feel a sense of space as you step inside. Some walls are brought down and floors too. 

2) Escalator Maze

The other thing that one would notice is the escalators. Most of the escalators have moved from their original positions and configured in a way that can be a tad confusing as it does not run the same from floor to floor. Nonetheless, the flow was great as one moved from the basement to the 5th Floor

3) No more Peranakan Theme

The previous i12 Katong was heavily influenced by the Peranakan culture. This was most obvious at Golden Village. Today, the Peranakan culture has all but disappeared from the interior. From the exterior, there is still a hint of Peranakan with the pink coloured wall facade on the side. We are not sure if that is deliberate but it reminds us of the colourful Peranakan house down the street at Koon Seng Road.

4) Food Court has shifted to the basement

The new food court is now in the basement instead of the 5th floor. It is called 'Malaysia Boleh', featuring the favourite dishes of Malaysia, in particular Penang. Unlike the normal foodcourts in most malls, the food here is authentically Malaysian / Singapore instead of fusion food.

5) New Shops, old shops

There is a mix of new and old shops at I12 Katong. The returning anchors are CS Fresh, Golden Village and Wine Connection. New tenants such as Climb Asia, Malaysia Boleh, PS Cafe, We are Sultans and Scoop Wholefood, giving it a breath of fresh air.

There is even Mr Woffles, a dog club and daycare for doggies!

6) Wellness and Enrichment schools take over levels 3 and 4 

Wellness and enrichment schools are well represented at I12 Katong on levels 3 and 4. The Eton Academy, United World preschool, One wellness Medical, Liang Yi TCM, All the Jazz Dance Academy are some of the names that will occupy these 2 floors. Restaurants are found on the basement, level 1 and level 2, while retail stores are currently limited with Lululemon taking the helm.

7))  Less than 20 % of the shops are currently open

Only 25 out of 180 shops are opened with 6 more openings soon. This is the full list of shops opened in I12 Katong.

Beauty and Health

  • Guardian
  • Watsons
  • Organic Express Hair Color Lab
Food & Beverage
  • Wine Collection
  • Huggs Collective *
  • Signature Koi *
  • Guzman Y Gomez *
 Kids & Enrichment
  • United World Preschool
  • Tree Art
  •  The Eton Academy
  • Kindermusik With Love Studios
  • Junior Page

Food Speciality
  • 1855 The Bottle Shop

Fashion & Accessories
  • RIA Menorca

Leisure & Entertainment
  • Golden Village

Fitness & Sports
  • Lululemon

Lifestyle, Pets & Hobbies
  • Mr Woofles

Food & Beverage
  • Malaysia Boleh ( Food Court)
  • Re:juve
  • Magic Chicken*
  • RollGaadi
  • Boost Juice Bars
  • Mak-San
  • Flash Coffee*

Dental & Medical
  • Royce Orthodontic & Paediatric Dental Centre

  • For the love of Laundry
  • Sultans
*To be opened

Of the current shops that are open, we are most excited about Golden Village and Malaysia Boleh. The rest of the shops may cater to specific customers rather than the masses. Hopefully, the rest of the shops can spring a surprise.

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