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SG Hotel on Wheels Review :Staycate in Container in the East!

I am obsessed with Tiny Houses on HGTV.

If you have watched the show, you will know it often features people living in tiny houses. Some Tiny Houses are small houses, while others are built from shipping containers. It has always been a wish to experience living in one of these containers.  Thus when S.G. Hotel on Wheel (SHOW) offered us a stay at one of such containers at Downtown East. It was readily accepted.

Since we are not travelling overseas due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we decided a stay at SHOW will be an experience we can savour during the school holidays. 


S.G. Hotel on Wheels

We were greeted with colourful containers when we drove along Pasir Ris Drive 3. Located at the open-air Begonia Carpark next to Downtown East, one could easily mistake these for a hipster eatery. But instead, 10 containers measuring 20 ft and 40 ft greeted us.


The 20ft Container is specially designed for couples, while a 40ft container is meant for a family of 4. You can explore the different containers here.


Check-in was a breeze. Within minutes we were shown to our 40ft container. 

Inside the Container Hotel

While a 40ft container may not sound very big, it is about 320 sqft. The space is pretty decent given that new 1 bedroom condos are close to 350 sqft.

Street Punk Theme

Each container has a different theme. Ours was the Street Punk theme that gave out an industrial vibe. Other articles include Modern Country, Resort Retreat, Safari Paradise and Pop Art. You can check out the rooms here.

Comes with Sofa Bed

Upon entry, you are greeted with a living room with a couch and a high-table dining area. The couch doubles up as a sofa bed that can squeeze two kids.  For 4 adults, though, it can be a tight squeeze.

Street Punk Bedroom

On one side of the room is the bedroom. With neon lights above you, you have a psychedelic feel while lying on the bed. The bedroom size is surprisingly decent. There is even a small table and a cupboard in the room. With a large glass window that brings in natural light, you do not feel like you are in a container but rather a standard room.

On the other side of the container is a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your meals. There is also a fridge, microwave, coffee machine, utensils and induction cooker for those staying longer. 


While this is useful, being so close to Downtown East means we have many food options to explore during our stay.


There is also a cleverly fitted toilet with a barn door to save space. It is of decent size and quite unlike the small bathrooms we often see in tiny houses.

HEPA Filter

Each container comes with Smart features such as a remote access lock, Google Home, Smart Tv ( with Netflix) and even a HEPA filter that purifies the air in the container. 

U.V. Face Mask

You can also use UV face masksse if you desire a purifying experience.

Welcome Pack

We also like the welcome pack that includes Vitamin C Tables, 24K gold mask, sunscreen, Shnack snacks and even E A masks for added protection.

If you are hungry and want to stay indoors, you can also order delivery to your container hotel.

If you crave space, there is also a dedicated outdoor spot to chill. You could even rent a B.B.Q. Pit to have a meal outside your container. Rental is free with a  $50 deposit.

Day Vs Night

Our Front Yard

An overnight stay will allow you to experience container living both day and night. During the day, the containers look colourful and vibrant; during the night, the neon lights give them an extra edge. A full-day stay will allow you to complete the experience.

Night View

Activities Around the Hotel

Wet and Wild

Wet and Wild

A pair of Wet and Wild tickets are included in the package. You could choose to indulge in the fun during your stay or have a go on another day.



For those who prefer less adrenaline, you can join in art classes by Fara Design housed in a standalone container.


From art classes to baking to pottery, you can choose the workshop to unleash your inner Vicent van, Gogh. For guests of SHOW, you get to enjoy a 50% discount on the rates.


Carnival Games

Uncle Ringo is back in the East with a curated selection of rides and carnival games. There is 7 carnival game booth along with several rides such as Viking Ships, Meteorite and Carousel rides. 

7 Stalls

There are also Giant inflatables with a 10 m Tall water slide that would surely entice the younger ones.


Located just beside SHOW, it is a convenient and fun way to spend the night. 



Look out for various light installations around SHOW that lit up the night.


Gumball Night

We love the larger-than-life gumball machine and Wave Hello installation.

Gumball Day

We reckoned the container hotels are also an art piece by themselves at night.

Containers at Night

Bike Ride

Bikes for Rent

For those who want to explore the great outdoors of Pasir Ris, bicycles are provided F.O.C. with a $20 deposit.

Foodie and Entertainment @ Downtown East

If you want more entertainment and food options, Downtown East is the place to head to.

Don Don Donki

From arcades such as Cow Play Cow Moo, Cathy Movie theatres, Don Don Donki, and the numerous restaurant options, entertainment and fun are just steps away.

How to do books?

Head to the S.G. Hotel On Wheels website to book your stay. The 20ft container costs $188 per night, and the 40ft container costs $308 per night. A 3D 2 N stay would be great for D'Ultimate Xcape Vacay to the East!

S.G. Hotel On Wheels will be at Downtown East from 13 October to 20 March.

Make your booking here.

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