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Smile Martabak Review : Authentic Indonesian Martabak

Indonesian Martabak anyone?

To be honest, I did not know that those thick 'pancakes' with (very) sweet fillings are known as  Martabak until Smile Martabak gifted us some authentic Indonesian Martabak to entice our tastebuds. I had always associated Martabak with the savoury Roti Prata version. This Sweet alternative is just as delightful!

Smile Martabak

Smile Martabak has successfully launched an online store for their Indonesian Martabak with a whopping sale of 2,000 boxes within a month of launch. 

There are currently 5 flavours of Indonesian Martabk on their store and they deliver islandwide. There is a current promo for each flavour, coming in at under $20 per Martabak. For delivery, they offered free delivery for orders over $30 and a 50% off 3rd box (valid till 31 Dec)

The flavours available are as follow

  • Original Choco Cheese
  • Pandan Cheese Milk
  • Ondeh Ondeh Special
  • Red Velvet Oreo
  • Banana Choco Cheese

Ordering was a simple process, simply add to cart, select the dates for delivery, make payment and you are good to go.


Taste Test

Smile Martabak

For our review, we opted for the Original Choco Cheese, Pandan Cheese Milk and Banana Choco Cheese. Looking at the shape of the Martabak delivered, we have a hunch why it is called Smile Martabak. The Martabaks were cut in a mouth shape with teeth when you look at it from the top. That little discovery did bring a smile to our faces.

Original Choco Cheese

Original Choco Cheese from Smile Martabak

The first one we tried was the original choco cheese. Filled with melted chocolate and stringy cheddar cheese, this is the only flavour you can add peanut sprinkles to it. The texture of the pancake was smooth and not as springy as we had envisioned. The fluffy pancake had a whiff of butter and condensed milk to enhance the taste.

With or without penauts

The Martabak was already cut into bite-size pieces that made it easy for consumption. Each set has 10 pieces (serving size 22 cm) and would be great for a party of 3-4 pax. If you can't finish it, you could keep it in the fridge and microwave it to heat it up. It is best eaten warm to savour the dish.

Banana Choco-Cheese

Banana Choco-Cheese From Smile Martabak

The Banana Choco-Cheese is similar in flavour the to original version. The main difference is that it is now caramelized with bananas san peanuts. 

Banana Choco-Cheese

Personally, we prefer this mix compared to the originals. This combination is simply an explosion in the mouth. For those allergic to nuts and would like to have a different flavour, this would be a good choice.

Pandan Cheese Milk
Pandan Cheese Milk
Saving the best for last.

The Pandan Cheese Milk would be our favourite for the lot. We think the pandan flavour pancake added an extra oomph to an already delicious martabak. Without the chocolate, it is also a less sweet version, which is great for those who prefer their desserts to be less sugary. We think this simple combination is perfect for an Indonesia Martabak!

Pandan Cheese Milk Martabak
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TWD was provided Smile Martabak for this review, all opinions are of our own.

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