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Changi Point Coastal Walk Guide : 5 things to do

So we went for a walk.

After a week of Christmas feasting, we decided to stretch our legs and head out to the far far east for a spontaneous walk. We landed at Changi Point Coastal Walk, off Changi Village, for a walk. The Changi Point Coastal Walk is a 2.2km well-lit boardwalk that takes you from Changi Jetty to Sunset Walk to catch the sunset.

Here are 5 things you could do there.

1 Changi Point Coastal Walk

Changi Point Coastal Walk
The Changi Point Coastal Walk has 6 distinct locations to enjoy an easy stroll along the coast of Changi. 

We managed to walk along the Creek Walk (280m) and Beach Walk (600m)

At the Creek Walk, we walked past the Changi Jetty. This is the place where you would take bumboats to Paula Ubin.
Changi Jetty Bumboats

Speaking of bumboats, the rows of bumboats that line up the jetty makes for an interesting sight.

Walked further down, and the coast will appear before you. 

Walked through lalang, you can step on the beach at the beach walk.

We would have continued further; however, the stretch towards the other parts ( Sailing Point Walk, Cliff Walk, Kelong Walk and Sunset Walk) was closed off for renovations. 
Changi Point Coastal Walk Guide (Source: National Park)

Renovations will be completed in June 2022. You could still access the other walks via a separate entrance at Changi Sailing club.

Nonetheless, this short stretch is nothing short of amazing. Even the boy declared that he felt like he was in Australia on this path.

2 Instagram Worthy Locations

Strike a post

The Changi Point Coastal Walk is full of Instagram-able spots. We think an evening stroll will be the best to enjoy the sights around it. Stay till the evening, and you can even catch the sunset from here. We may be at the Far East, but we are orientated towards the west, so you could catch the sun's evening rays.
The Boardwalk

Other Instagram worthy spots would be The Hand on Changi Beach and even Changi Village Surrounds.

3 The Hand @ Changi Beach

The Hand @ Changi Beach

The Hand was originally located outside Singapore art Museum. The creators have imagery of it being a part of a colossal statue that guided the ships of an ancient mythical civilisation. We think that this is a great spot to place the Hand.

4 Great for families

Entrance to Changi Beach
After the walk, head over to Changi Beach via a narrow bridge. Here, you could picnic at Changi Beach, play at the playground, and explore Changi Village. It's an interesting destination that would have nooks and crannies for all.

Playground at Changi Beach

5 Changi Village Foodie Paradise

Changi Village
After exercising, it is time to refuel the body. At Changi Village, there's the famous Changi Village hawker centre with its famous nasi lemak for you to partake in your meal. Alternatively, there are pockets of restaurants and eating places for a good meal.


Changi Point Coastal Walk
6 Changi Village Road

The best mode of transport there - Car or Private Hire

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