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Jin Yu Man Tang Review : Fried Custard, Black Sticky Rice and Mango Pomelo Sago


Jin Yu Man Tang is our go-to place for desserts after a meal at East Coast Road.

Located at the Flow @ East Coast, this shop has been around for almost  3 years. From the outside, it looks like a relatively small outlet. In fact, since it is off the main road where most East Coast eateries are located, you may just miss it if you have not driven to an unmarked road leading to Katong Square shopping mall carpark.

Once you step in, you are greeted by a 2 story dessert shop that has some old school vibe. We love old school stools and wooden tables. If you can, get a seat on the upper floor as it has more comfortable seats and a vantage view.

Jin Yu Man Tang is styled as a Hong Kong-style dessert shop. It has been a hit with our family as it serves up desserts that we love to savour. Technically, you could have a meal here as they serve snacks like Chicken Wingette and other hot dishes. 

For us, we zoom in on the desserts. 

Fried Milk ($5.5)

Fried Milk

Fried Milk is our must-have crunchy snack before we indulged in our hot and cold desserts.

Black Sticky Rice ($3)

This hot dessert is another favourite. You could add Mango or ice cream or even have it cold. For us, the original version is the one we would stick to when we visit.

Mango with mini rice ball  ($5)

This one is the kid's favourite. This cold dessert is filled with mini rice balls that practically explodes in the mouth. It is a tad sweet for the older folks but perfect for kids.

Fried Custard ($4.5)

We tried the Fried custard. It is made with eggs, sugar and water. A simple dessert but one that is great for kids!


If you miss travelling and am craving for HK dessert, we think that Jin Yu Man Tang is the place to go. For us, it will be our to go to dessert shop. Prices are pretty reasonable with most desserts under $5.

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