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You Kee XO Restaurant Joo Chiat Review : Roast Meat Delight!

It's time for another #hungrygoanywhere

This week, the missus and I decided to just walk around a chosen street and find anything that catch our fancy.

The street chosen for the week is Joo Chiat Place. Compared to the adjacent Joo Chiat Road, this street is much quieter. Nonetheless, there are a few notable eateries such as Smokey's BBQ, Fei Fei Wanton Mee, Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant, Cugini and more.

In the end, we opt for You Kee XO Restaurant. Located at the intersection between Tembling Road and Joo Chiat Pl, this corner unit can be easily missed if you do not look for it.

The main reason why we chose this restaurant was due to our diet. We tend to look for food with low carbs and the selection of roast meats on the menu suited us perfectly.

We did find out after the meal a few interesting bits about You Kee XO Restaurant. Apparently, You Kee XO Restaurant originated from JB and they are well known for their roast meat and herbal soup. The herbal soup is boiled at the giant urns you see at the shop front. 

From reviews, we read that this nourishing soup is a must-try. It's a shame that we did not order this for this meal. Maybe next time.

Triple Meat ($26.80)

Instead, what caught our eyes are the selection of roast meat. In the end, we opt for the triple meat dish that is comprised of Roasted Pork Belly, Signature Roasted Duch and Crystal BBQ Pork Belly Char Siew.

You Kee XO Roast Meat

Of the three items, the BBQ Pork Pelly Char Siu is easily the standout with its caramelized meat that is splattered with sesame. The meat is tender and crispy at the same time. The Roast Pork Belly is juicy and crispy while the duck has a faint scent of herb that masks enhance the taste of the meat. If you are there for a meal, this dish is definitely a must in our books.

Crispy Pork Roll ($7.80)

You Kee XO Side Dishes

Adding to our main course, we decided to add a side to our meal. Although there are not a wide variety of sides, we were contented with our Crispy Pork Roll as it goes well with the meat. 

XO Duck with Noodles ($5)

To add to our meal, we ordered a plate of signature duck noodles. Initially, we wanted no carbs for this meal, but we decided to try it out since the photos on the menu look so appetizing. With prices starting from $4. It is pretty affordable for a restaurant.


The quality of the food was good. In terms of the decor, there is room for improvement especially if you are seated outside. It resembles more of a food court than a restaurant. 

Overall, we enjoyed our meal and will be back for the soup in the future!

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