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ART Positive in Singapore : What to do next?

What happens when I get tested ART Positive? (Updated 16 Feb 2022)

With close to 20K cases reported in recent days, it would not be surprising if one is tested ART positive. With the constant changes in Protocol, one would probably be confused as to what to do next.

Who are strongly advised should see the doctor?
Individuals with the following condition are advised to visit a doctor after testing positive for COVID-19, even if they are feeling well.

a. Fully vaccinated and aged 70 years and above;
b. Unvaccinated/partially vaccinated and aged 50 years and above;
c. Aged 5 years and below;
d. Had an organ transplant surgery in the past;
e. Have any disease or are taking any medication that weakens the immune system;
f. Have been diagnosed with cancer (including blood cancers) before; g. Are on dialysis;
h. Are diagnosed with HIV or AIDS;
i. Have a disease affecting your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, or brain that required hospital admission in the last 6 months;
j. Are pregnant;
k. Are less than 12 years old and have any congenital condition or growth disorder that affects the heart, lungs or brain; or
l. Are less than 12 years old and have Diabetes Mellitus or hypertension.

Additional Points 16 Feb 2022
Qualifying age band for treatment from primary care doctors ( eg GP)
  • Age 3 to 69 regardless of vaccination status
  • Fully vaccinated for patients age 70-79 if they experience only minor respiratory symptoms with no underlying health risk.

There are now basically 2 Protocols to follow as of 16 Feb  2022

Protocol 1: For individuals who are feeling unwell

Visit the doctor via private transport. The doctor will assess and advise you.

Low-Risk individuals with mild symptoms ( eg fever, cough, sore throat)

Healthcare administered ART will be ordered. If positive, the doctor will continue care under Protocol 2.

  • You will receive an SMS within 24 hours upon notification of your positive result containing a link to fill in a form. Provide your details and register your household members as close contacts in the linked form.
  • After filling in the form, your household members will receive a Health Risk Warning (HRW) within 48 hours and can refer to this page for what they should do next.
  • If you run out of ART kits, you can collect more from a nearby vending machine but must return home immediately. For locations of these vending machines and collection details, click here
High-Risk individuals 
High-Risk individuals are identified as elderly or immunocompromised. 

  • Your doctor will order both a healthcare-administered ART and a PCR swab.
  • For patients with severe symptoms (e.g. chest pains, shortness of breath, prolonged fever) your doctor will convey you to a hospital for further assessment.
  • For the rest, your doctor will advise you to immediately return home and self-isolate in a room while waiting for your PCR test result.
Protocol 2: For individuals who are well and tested positive or assessed by a doctor to have a mild condition
Source: MOH

  • Stop work, school and social activities
  • Self Isolate for 72 hours at home
  • Take ART test after 72 hours
If negative, submit ART results here and can exit self-isolation and resume normal activities
If positive, continue to self-isolate and self-test daily until negative result OR until 12 pm on DAY 7 ( for vaccinated individuals and children under 12) or DAY 14 (for unvaccinated / partially vaccinated individuals aged 12 and older), whichever comes first.

Do note the different criteria for vaccinated and non-vaccinated. This will include students aged 12 and above. Non vaccinated are only automatically discharged and allowed to go to school on Day 15 if the ART test continues to be positive.


The following are NOT eligible for the Home Recovery Programme. They are to be treated at Care Facility ( Updated 16 Feb 2022)
  • Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated persons aged 80 years and older;
  • Children aged less than 3 months old;
  • Children aged 3 months to less than 1-year-old, who have been assessed to be clinically unsuitable for home recovery;
  • Pregnant women with gestation age 36 weeks and above;
  • Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated pregnant women;
  • Low-risk individuals with mild symptoms who are already under the care of their primary care doctor as part of Protocol 2.

Supervised ART at quick test centres (QTC) or combined test centres (CTC)
Those with mild symptoms or no symptoms, may take a supervised ART  and have their positive COVID-19 status recorded on Health Hub within 30 minutes. These will be fully funded from Feb 16 to March 16.

No recovery memos or medical certificates will be issued. 

You can make a booking here

Locations on QTC and CTC here

Source: MOH

Health Risk Notice (HRN) New

Close contacts of Covid-19 cases to have a shorter monitoring period of 5 days (reduce from 7)
It is not backed by a legislative requirement as per HRW (ie it does not require a mandated period of self-isolation)

ART test kit can still be collected for people issued with HRN

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