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Explosion at Bishan Carpark and other fires in the past 2 weeks 2022


A fiery explosion occur in Bishan last evening.

A TikTok User y'ling_ had posted a video of a fire in the carpark at Bishan.

Apparently, a motorcycle had caught fire and as the fire rages, there was a loud boom and a mushroom cloud of fire and smoke.

The video ended as the fire spread to a parked car closest to the scene. 

While there are no further updates that the fire is resolved, given the situation, we are sure that it is under control.

You can watch the full video here


I just caught a heart attack when the boom came 💥

♬ original sound - 陈滢羽

Other Fires

This is the 5th incident reported over the course of 2 weeks. The other fires that happened over the past 2 weeks are as follows

Jan 28 
Flat in Tampines and Coffee shop in Bedok
Source: ST

 A fire was reported on the 10th storey of Blk 941 Tampines Ave 5 


Another fire was reported at a coffee shop at Block 204 Bedok North St 1

Jan 29
Blk 39 Telok Blangah Rise

Source: ST

A fire was reported at Blk 39 Telok Blangah Rise. The fire was the result of mischief by the man who lives in the unit. At least 2 people were injured as a result of the blaze. 


Feb 7 
Source: SCDF
Another fire was caught by TikTok user SGxiaohujun at Woodlands Blk 688F Woodlands Drive. 50 people were evacuated, no casualties were reported.

Given the spate of fires, one has to be more cautious. Some of the fires were reported to be the results of charging e-bikes and laptops overnight. Given the circumstances, it is best not to charge such devices overnight or when you are out of the house.

Stay safe everyone!

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