McGriddles is back with NEW Chicken McGriddles with Egg


Fans of McGriddles rejoice.

ALL-DAY McGriddles will be back on February 28.

Break the breakfast rule with ALL-DAY McGriddles and add a brand new Chicken McGriddles with Egg t your meal.

Chicken McGriddles with Egg (From $5.90)

Source: McDonald's Singapore

Your favourite maple-flavoured griddle cakes meet the classic, crispy chicken patty – perfectly layered with melted cheese, round egg, and a touch of mayo. Absolutely delicious!

Sausage McGriddles with Egg (From $5.90)

Source: McDonald's Singapore

The old school favourite. Have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sweet, maple-flavoured griddle cakes, a savoury chicken sausage patty and a round egg to wrap things up!

McGriddles Stack (From $6.90)

Source: McDonald's Singapore

Why go for basic, take it up a notch with the McGriddles Stack packed with maple-flavoured griddle cakes, two tender chicken sausage patties, melted cheese, round egg, and crispy chicken bacon.

Sweet Treats

Enjoy sweet treats with the return of Chocolate Pie ( fr $1.5), Kit Kat McFlurry ( fr $3) and McCafe Kopi Frappe.

Mark your calendars, these are coming your way from February 28.

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