School Facilitated Vaccination Exercise for COVID-19 for P1-6 Below 12 announced


MOH will be facilitating Covid-19 vaccination for eligible P1-6 students who are below 12 years old as of 8 Apr 2022.

Students will be bused to the paediatric Vaccination Centre between 21 March to 8 Apr for Dose 1 and three weeks later for Dose 2. This only applies to students who have not booked appointments via National  Appointment Systems. 

Parental consents are necessary and parents are not needed to be present for vaccination.

The school will update on the date and time for both doses by 15 March. Vaccination will take place during school hours. On the day before Dose 1 and 2, parents need to complete and sign the medical screening form for their child to bring to VC. Parents are to be contactable during the time of their child's vaccination should there be a need to verify any information.

Has your child been vaccinated yet?

Given that some children experience tiredness, especially after the second dose, it may be better to have the child take the vaccine with parent supervision. Nonetheless, there will be cases when this might be necessary. 

Would you bring your child to vaccination or let the school do it for you?
Or would you opt-out altogether?

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