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C328-Clementi Florist & Aquarium Review : The Legendary Fish shop in Singapore

Guess where is the most popular aquarium in Singapore?

Aquarium hobbyists would be familiar with this name: Clementi Florist and Aquarium Shop. It is also affectionately C328 or Clementi 328.

This aquarium in Clementi is one of the many aquariums on the same block. Here you can find other aquariums such as That Aquarium, Arowana Avenue, Polyart Aquarium and LFS Aquarium. Despite the competition, this shop is always full regardless of the time of the day. The shop is said to have been around for the past 3 decades! 

C328 Clementi Florist and Aquarium

If you are looking for large premises, given its fame, you would probably miss this shop. Instead, it is just a single unit that packs almost everything you need in one store.

Lots of fishes to choose from

This place is well known for its huge selection of livestock. From your usual goldfish and bettas, you can also find exotics such as rays, plecos, puffers, shrimps and even lobsters.



The area inside can be a little cramp especially when there is a crowd. Given that C328 maximises all the space in the shop, you would feel a little sensory overload especially when you need to rub shoulders with the uncles visiting the shop.

Healthy Fish

One would really need t squeeze around to find your fish. This experience is actually quite fun for those who love to hunt for their next pet.

Despite the size, the fishes look healthy in the aquarium. Some of the fish are already packed in ready to go back. From what we understand, these bags are often taken up at a high rate.

If you are looking for accessories such as medication, food, plants and ornaments, you would find them here as well.

Prices are pretty attractive in comparison to some of the other aquariums we had visited in the past. Compared to another shop we visited not too long ago, the prices here are almost 40% cheaper for livestock!

Sometimes you could even find gems. We picked up this large driftwood measuring about 60cm for only $12. Given that the driftwood resembles a dragon head, it is a steal. Comparatively, we went to an aquascape store in the Bedok area and were quoted close to $100 for similar size driftwood. We have to also give a shoutout to the friendly boss who gave us such a great deal. In terms of price, it is probably one of the cheapest in town.

It's a very pretty interesting experience for our day out at C328, if you are thinking about starting a home aquarium, you should make your way down and check them out.

Clementi Florist & Aquarium (C328)

Clementi Ave 2, Blok 328

Singapore 120328

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