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i Light Singapore 2022 Marina Bay Review : Highlights and Tips


After a hiatus of 2 years,i Light Singapore is back!

i Light Singapore 2022 will be held at various locations along Marin Bay, Esplanade and Empress Lawn. i Light Singapore will be on from June 3 to 26 from 730pm to 11 pm daily with extended hours to 12am on Fridays and Saturdays. Admission is free but there will be charges for selected programmes.

The installations are designed with environmentally friendly materials and energy savings lights. They are created by a mix of local and international artists. We had a sneak peek before the actual event starts on June 3.

Here is a lineup of what to expect for this year's event.

i Light Singapore 2022 Map

1 MotherEarth ClimateChange Data Sculpture
Location: ArtScience Museum Facade

 A Sensory experience projected on the ArtScience Museum

2 Plastic Whale
Location: Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza

See the struggles of the whale as it is lit internally to depict the whale's struggles in a sea of garbage.

3 Here and There
Location: Event Square

A circular seesaw activates light according to the degree of tilt. It is an interactive display that allows guests to be on it.

4 Eyes of the Sea
Location: Mist Walk

Upcycled installation made of discarded plastics

5 Ruffled Ice
Location: Mist Walk

Drawing attention to the excessive use of plastic packaging in our everyday lives, Ruffled Ice turns trash into art by depicting melting icebergs and ice caverns.

6 Light Canvas
Location: In front of Red Dot Museum

Illuminate your own artwork using light from your mobile photo. This interactive display allows you to be as creative as you can.

7 Alone Together
Location: Marina Bay Link Mall Entrance

An interactive display, this projection invites you to share a memory on the wall.

8 Collective Memory
Location: Breeze Shelter

This installation uses CD to create a shimmering landscape of reflected light. 

9 Keep on Moving
Location: Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

This is an ode to runners around the bay. It shows a frame by frame of a runner's motion

10 Shish-ka-buoy
Location: The apex at the promontory at Marina Bay

This is a visual delight that exudes a magical glow during the day and lights up with a whirl of colour LED lights at night.

11 Firefly Field
Location: The Promontory at Marina Bay

Probably the best installation. This is by TOER from the Netherlands. It features 500 alternating light points that resemble fireflies.

12 Fallen
Location: Lawn Next to One Marina Boulevard

Fallen depicts an ethereal jellyfish roaming universe in search of stars to consume. It mistook humans' trash as stars and ate it. Its body grew so heavy that it crashed onto Earth.

Location: OUE Tower

SWANS are made of upcycled satellite dishes. It resembles life like swans floating on water.

14 Florescentia
Location: Clifford Square

This is a display of kinetic sculptures made of 100% recycled carbon neutral polypropylene. 

15 Scribble Jam
Location: Under the Esplanade Bridge

An unconventional graffiti installation that uses an interactive projection mapping technique to transform an urban facade into a massive digital canvas.

16 Re-Act
Location: Queen Elizabeth Walk Waterfront Steps

An installation that highlights climate issues such as rising sea levels and water pollution.

17 Bondfire
Location: Esplanade Park

An assemblage of glowing columns that resemble a bonfire

18 Underworld
Location: Esplanade Park

A scene of giant lanterns and soundscape that transport you to an imaginary underseas settlement inspired by the marine conservation efforts of the community.

19 Meet me Under the Moon
Location : Esplanade Park

An interactive installation inspired by the moon. Sit on the benches around it to make it glow brighter.

20 Waste Not, Want Not
Location: Marina Bay Lower Boardwalk

Have you ever seen an irregular shape food and choose not to pick it from the Supermarket? 

This installation is designed to normalise irregular shape food in our eyes.


Lightwave: Isle of Light Empowered by OPPO

Embark on a specially constructed floating pontoon above the Marina Bay waterbody for a multi-sensory journey to awaken your senses.

Five zones to experience immersive features.

Be treated to a unique light art showcase of imagination and creativity

This is a ticked event priced at $6. You can get your tickets from Klook here

Tips to explore i Light Singapore 2022

The walk around the Marina Bay area can be quite long. We suggest starting at Gastrobeats at Bayfront Event Space from installation 3 and walking one round around Marina Bay with the endpoint at Marina Bay. The whole stretch will take you approximately 1.5 hours to complete on a light stroll.

End off your experience with a visit to Gastrobeats to enjoy the food and fun there. Gastorbeats admission is at $9 per pax. You can get your tickets here from Klook

See our video review here

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