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Teck Ee Teochew Rice & Porridge : Affordable meal in Joo Chiat

It is Teochew porridge time!

If you had been following us, you know we like to have a different weekly destination for food. 

This time around, we decided to good old school and head to a coffeshop for some Teochew porridge. We opt for a meal at Teck Ee Teochew Rice & Porridge located at a corner coffeeshop along  Joo Chiat Road. 

Teck Ee Porridge sells a decent variety of dishes that are served as sides for your rice or porridge. You can find sides like bean curb skins, sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, stirred fried vegetables, otah fish cake and more. 

Although this is a coffee shop, there are only 2 stores open at night - The Teck Ee Rice and Porridge and a western food store. Thus there is ample seating if one chooses to dine in.

Teck Ee Teochew Porridge

In terms of ambience, it gives you old-school vibes with old-style tables and chairs. Despite the relative age vs the spanky new restaurants that line the Joo Chiat Road, this is a welcoming respite as you still have a little bit of the old in the midst of the new.

In terms of food portions, you can opt for the size. Just let the uncle or auntie know that you would like to have portions of 1 , 2 or more. You can opt for individual dishes or simply rice with dishes added on.
Good Selection of dishes
Tastewise, we reckoned that it will not disappoint. While it may not blow you away, the varieties that it offers blend well together.

Value for money
Best of all, we found this is value for money. A set of 5 dishes and porridge cost less than $20 and is filling for two.

As for the porridge, do remember to ask for the black gravy/sauce. This will make a meal perfect.

For the ambience, price and quality of food, Teck Ee Teochew Rice and Porridge are worth every penny.
We reckon if you are looking for good quality food for your daily needs, this will make a delightful choice.

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