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Danji Korean BBQ Buffet Review : Authentic Korea Food at a reasonable price.

After binging on Korea Drama, Backstreet Rookie, we had a craving for Korean BBQ.

Danji Korean BBQ Buffet comes to mind. 

We always wanted to try it, especially when the price for a buffet was reasonable compared to a typical meal in a restaurant. Located along Tanjong Katong, a street known for a splatter of restaurants, Danji Korea BBQ buffet is located on a ground floor of an unnamed building at the intersection of Swanage Road.

Danji Korea BBQ buffet has an indoor and outdoor dining area. It is usually crowded, especially during weekends, and it is best to make a booking before you head out for a meal.

In terms of the interior, it is nothing fanciful. Instead, for decor, you have a sizeable Korean flag on one side and the buffet line on the other. You would feel homely and cosy and probably find the setup familiar if you have followed Korean drama.

From other reviews, we learn that Danji Korean BBQ owner is a Korean. The buffet served is as authentic as it gets.

While the buffet selection is not as comprehensive as other buffet lines ( for example, there are not many dessert or cooked food options), the choice of BBQ items would make a filling Korean meal.

There are the essential chicken, pork and beef selection. Among them are various forms of marinating, from chilli to garlic and wine. Just feasting on these would suffice.

There is also a small selection of seafood, such as fish and prawns.

While there may not be a selection of side dishes, you get a free flow of kimchi to go with your meal.

You can also add lettuce to wrap up your meat.

There is also a tiny corner of cooked food. You have chicken wings, pork belly, Haemul-Pajeon (green opinion egg pancake), kimchi soup and more.

Cooking is on a flat rectangle grill that is generous in the cooking area. Compared to other BBQ we had eaten, it is comparatively less smokey and pleasant cooking experience. The flat surface is also easier to cook compared to the Mookata setup.

For groups, you are given 2 hours per session which we think is more than sufficient. If you are dining alone, it will be 1 hour per session.


It was a wholesome Korean experience that was fuss-free and down-to-earth. The owners and staff are attentive and clear the extra plates efficiently. The owner also came to our table to give some tips on cooking.

Prices start from $19.90 for adults for lunch to $27.90 for dinner. Kids below 12 get a discount.

We love the cosy vibes from this restaurant and will be back for seconds!

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