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LEGO AUG new releases : ATARI 2600 & CAMARO Z28


Atari 2600 and Chevrolet Camaro Z28 is coming this August 2022.

These 2 sets will be under the LEGO ICONS range. They are specifically designed for a challenging yet rewarding building experience that is perfect for older teens and adults. It showcases impressive landmarks, modular buildings, classic vehicles, pop culture favourites and would make beautiful home decor sets.

LEGO Atari 2600

Long before Playstation, the Atari ruled the gaming world in the 1980s. Having a set like this at home would make one a very popular kid.

The LEGO Atari 2600 is based on the four-switch revision debuted in 1980. This release also coincide with Atari's 50th anniversary.
Fuel your imagination and bring the magic of retro gaming to life with this building set. The limited edition set features three iconic Atari games in brick form, which can be built into mini versions of the games and stored in their own case  

Meanwhile, the console comes with a switch to select a colour or black and white television. Activate challenge mode as you build your own handheld console in brick form and discover its hidden features such as a joystick that moves just like the original!

There is also a pop up scene that resembles an 80's gaming room with big CRT TV, boombox and posters. Very retrolicious!

This set comes with 2532 pieces and  will be on sale from 1st Aug 2022 via LEGO sore at a price of $239.99

LEGO Chevrolet Camaro Z38
Next up is the LEGO Chevrolet Camaro. This is a reproduction of the slick 1969 Camaro Z28 that will delight fans of muscle cars.

It is well designed and filled with details and functions that make it extra special. 

You will get a working steering wheel, detailed engine and opening and closing doors.

Builder can also customised their design by choosing their own racing stripes from red, white of grey.

You can also build 2 versions of it - a hard top or a convertible and choose either the classic or hideaway headlights to complete the look.
Lego Camaro Z28
The set will look good as a display on the desk or the shelves and makes a good gift for dads.

Each set comes with 1458 pieces and will be priced at USD $169.99 . It will be available in store from August 1st.


Photos Credit :LEGO

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