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McDonald's Happy Meal Toy August 2022 : Dreamworks

A double treat for McDonald's Happy Meal Toys for Aug 2022.

From 28 Jul to 24 Aug in Singapore, there will be 8 sets of cases and characters from your favourite Dreamworks movies to collect with every Happy Meal purchase. 

You can collect characters from Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, Madagascar, How to Train your dragon, Trolls and The Baby Boss. The characters fit into the plastic cases featuring the heads of the individual characters. These will look great on display!

Here is the complete lineup

Week 1 - 28 Jul to 3 Aug
Tigress & Po

Week 2 - 4 Aug to 10 Aug
Shrek & Alex

Week 3 - 11 Aug -17 Aug 
Boss Baby & Toothless

Week 4 - 18 Aug to 24 Aug
Branch & Poppy

If you are not a fan of toys, you can always opt for a book.

The Tiny Detectives ' Can Butterflies taste with their feet?". The series is written by Cressida Cowell, the English Children's Author who is well known for her book " How to train a Dragon".

Which would you choose?

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