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Mcdonald's Laksa Delight Burger : A National Day Treat


An all-new Singapore-inspired burger will be available from 28 July.

The Lasksa Delight Burger will be available in two versions - Laksa Delight Prawn Burger or Laksa Delight Chicken Burger. A new drink, the Teh C Frappé and a new dessert, the Pulut Hitam Pie, will join the line-up. 

Laska Delight Prawn Burger 
$7.40 ala carte, fr $9.1 for an Extra Value Meal

Photo Credit : McDonald's Singapore

The Laksa Delight Prawn Burger features a crispy prawn patty topped with creamy Laksa sauce, a round egg, and fresh purple cabbage slaw. All packed between two lightly-toasted butter buns for the perfect finish.

Laksa Delight Chicken Burger

$7.40 ala carte, fr $9.1 for an Extra Value Meal

Photo Credit: McDonald's Singapore



The Laksa Delight Chicken Burger is McDonald’s ‘chicky’ spin on a local favourite. Enjoy a juicy chicken patty with creamy Laksa sauce, crisp cabbage slaw, and a round egg, served between two soft, toasted butter buns.

Teh C Frappe 

From $4.50 (S) and $5 (M)

Photo Credit: McDonald's Singapore

We like the fact that McDonald's named their drink after a local term for kopi. This Teh C Frappe is a refreshing take on the classic drink. It is essentially Teh C topped with chocolate powder and balanced with a mild touch of freshly whipped cream.

Pulu Hitam Pie

From $1.70

Photo Credit: McDonald's Singapore

To round up the local selections, you have the Pulut Hitam Pie. Instead of the usual apple pie, you get the same crispy pastry filled with purple sticky rice coconut cream fillings. This would be the pie I will go for the next time at McDonald's!

Laska Delight Feast

Opt for the Laksa Delight Feast- a combination of Laksa Delight Burger- Prawn or Chicken-with French Fries( M), Pulut Hitam Pie and Coke Original Less Sugar from $10.80 if you want a treat!

This special edition is only available for a limited time only. Get it while it is here!

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