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Soi 47 King George's Avenue Review : Authentic Thai Food at affordable Price!


Authentic Thai food at a Thai price!

For the longest time, we had been stationed in the Katong vicinity for our weekly food escapade. Last weekend, we decided to head out to explore the rest of Singapore.

The assignment was very simple. We wanted a place that is not so 'modern', preferably in an older setting in terms of decor and reasonable in price. Add Thai to the list because that is what the missus craved for that evening.

Soi 47

A search on Google bought us to Soi 47 Thai Food. There are a couple of outlets, but we specifically target the one at King George's Ave due to the eccentric location. It is located on the ground floor of an industrial block that is steps away from Jalan Besar Stadium. For parking, there is an open carpark just next to the building.

You would not miss this restaurant when you reach King George's Ave. With a large sign clad in black that screams Thai Food, it will be easy to spot. The first impression did not disappoint. The place was crowded but it exuded a relaxing vibe that makes you feel that you are in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. There was a queue of 3 groups in front of us, but we were seated in less than 30 mins of waiting. Turnover seems to be quite efficient at this place.

The interior was simple enough. The tables were not fixated, so they can be adjusted according to the size of the group. This is probably why the turnover was so efficiently. Based on our own experience, the food was served pretty fast, and a meal there would probably take less than an hour for turnover.

We did some research before we came. Most reviews had lauded the pocket-friendly dishes that are affordable and authentic.  With most dishes' prices at less than $10, it is a good option for value seekers. 

The Food

The place and ambience met our expectations. Would the food be the same?

Prawn Cake ($8.50)

Soi 47 Prawn Cake

To start off the experience, we ordered the Prawn Cake. The three prawn cakes were huge. It was springy and flavourful and best eaten when it is warm. We did have a minor gripe. This was supposed to be the starter dish, but it only came near the end of the meal. Guess good things need to wait. 

Green Curry Chicken ($6.50)

It is almost a standard to have green curry chicken when we head out for Thai food. It was no exception when we visited Soi 47. One thing that struck us was how green the curry was. This dish was minty and for the price, definitely worth it with the more than generous serving. 

Drumstick ( $6.80)

When we ordered this fried drumstick, we were expecting drumsticks. Instead, what we had were drummettes. While in terms of size, it is a tad disappointing, the flavour remains. Not the best of the evening but a good amount of drumettes for the price.

Pork Collar ($6.80)

The fried pork collar was surprisingly crispy and tender. Again, for the price, we just could not fault it.

Omelette Seafood ($6.5)

For 2 people, 3 main courses would be more than enough. However, when we spotted every other table ordering an omelette, we could not resist. The omelette was fluffy and served with Towgay underneath. Pair it with green curry for the extra oomph!

Thai food is all about spices. Most dishes we ordered come with Thai chilli. There are other kinds of chilli that you can take on your own there.

Tapioca ($4)

We wanted sticky rice for dessert, but it ran out. In the end, we settled for tapioca. Generous portion but a tad too sweet. 

With a handful of outlets, it is apparent that Soi47 Thai Food has been doing well. There is no service charge and GST charges at this outlet, and this makes the meal so much more affordable. Our 6 dishes and 2 drinks cost less than $50. Compared to a Thai restaurant in Katong, this is probably half of what one usually pays.

Add the authentic flavour and old-school charm, and this is probably the best value restaurant we have visited for our #hungrywackyeats escapade. It may not be the tastiest, but the price and ambience make up for it.

Prices are right as of 15 July 2022

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