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McDonald's Happy Meal Toys September 2022 : Pokemon Trading Cards

Time Extension:  Pokemon to launch Trading Cards in  Singapore!

Currently, for August, Mcdonald's has a Pokemon accessories giveaway for its happy meal set. For every happy meal purchase, you get a Pokemon Theme accessory.

There are sightings of Pokemon's new packaging for selected McDonald's products that will feature characters from Pokemon.

Changi City Point

A more significant tell-tale sign will be the Logo with the words Trading Card Game!

Pokemon trading card games already launched in US and UK last month.

It has 15 designs to collect and comes in standard and rare holographic cards. Pokemon card collectors usually go ga-ga over rare holographic cards, and past Pokemon x McDonald's collections rake in cards valued at a whopping USD 500.

Each set comes with 4 Game Card Booster Pack, Cardbox coin and spinner. All these will come in a specially designed Pokemon Box

The Happy Meal should come in a Pokemon theme box too!

While there are rumours that the Trading Cards Game will be launched on September 1, we reckon that it may come as late as September 22 as there is an ongoing Happy Meal - Pokemon Promo till September 21.

Nonetheless, watch this space for updates!

Check out our video here if you want a sneak peek of the individual cards.

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