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Why Every Home should have a portable power station

Have you ever got into a situation where you require a wall plug but ended up not being able to find one?

Many of us have wall plugs that are hidden from view for aesthetic purposes, making them hard to reach. We might also have failed to cater for sufficient wall plugs in our home during renovations and left out wall outlets on balconies or gardens.  In such instances, having quick access to a power point may not be as convenient as we would like. This is where a portable power station will come in handy.

What is a portable power station? 

A portable power station is essentially a battery that can be used to power your devices, but it’s more than just a battery. Each features multiple port options – like AC outlets, USB plugins, and 12V ports – allowing versatility in the devices they can charge. They store energy safely and deliver power efficiently, which often means fast charge times.  They can provide power to small electronics like mobile phones, to bigger items like refrigerators. With the right charging adapters, it can even provide power to your electrical car. 

These portable chargers can be charged efficiently via various means. For example, products from Ecoflow such as the EcoFlow Delta and River Portable Power Stations can be charged via a wall outlet, car charging and even solar charge.

Why you should have a portable power station in your home

1 Charge devices anywhere

If you do not have a charger on the balcony, roof terrace, garden or even by your bedside, a portable power station would be able to provide the much-needed power outlet without the need for an unsightly extension cord. 

Power up your treadmill at your home gym on the balcony, fire up your electrical barbeque grill at your roof terrace, use it as a backup generator for your pond in your garden or even as a power source to charge your phones at night. The uses may differ, but a portable power station would provide the flexibility to provide power wherever you need it. 

2 Peace of mind during a blackout or power trip

EcoFlow Delta Pro

While blackouts may be rare in urban cities, you can never rule that out.  One of the consequences of a blackout is that food in the refrigerator can go bad. A portable power station like EcoFlow Delta Mini would be able to provide up to 5.4hours of charge for a 120W refrigerator. Providing you sufficient time for you to get an electrician to sort things out.

3 For your home aquarium

If you have an aquarium at home, you will need to keep the pump on 24/7 to ensure enough oxygen in the tank for the fish. Some fish collections such as koi or Arowana can cost a pretty penny. A power trip can effectively wipe out the pets.  For peace of mind, a portable power station will be a must. For a fraction of the cost of the fish collections, you would ensure that they would be safe from any power outage.

The EcoFlow River Pro Portable Power Station would be a viable choice. Providing a 720Wh capacity with 3 x 600w outlets, it can power 10 devices simultaneously, ensuring that your air pump and filters will work as normal in any power failure

4 A FREE alternate source of electricity with solar power panels

Get more bang for your bucks by using solar power panels to charge your portable power station. That way, you could use the portable power station more efficiently. Moreover, solar power is essentially free. You pay a one-time fee for a solar panel and you are good to go.

Ecoflow provides a decent range of solar panels to match your needs. From 160W to 400W, you could choose the solar panel that fits your fits. See the full range here.

5 Bring it along for a day at the beach, camping trips or staycations.

A portable power station will give you a charge in places that has no power source. Thus, it makes a great outdoor companion. Be it a day out at the beach, a camping trip or even to staycations, bring a portable power station along to provide the juice for your equipment to last throughout the day and night. 

For starters, we recommend the lightweight River mini. This little beast has a 300 W output and is ideal for 99% of your devices such as laptops, cameras, mini-fridges and even a projector for that outdoor movie. It has a quick charge of 80% within an hour. You can even hook it up with solar power or charge using the car charger for those on-the-go adventures. 

It is a nifty device that can be carried with one hand or tucked into a backpack that you can bring along wherever you go. Trust us, your mates will be impressed with this flex and would probably ask you to share.

If you realized that this is the missing link to satisfy your power needs, Ecoflow should be on top of your list. It has one of the most extensive ranges of portable power stations to suit most situations and has the world’s fastest portable power station that charges from 0-80% in under 1 hour.

Regardless if you are getting a power station for home, work or outdoors, Ecoflow has you covered. Time to start shopping and check out the full Ecoflow portable power station range here. There is an ongoing promotion that will last till August 14th. You could get extra discounts on the retail prices.

Here is a list of EcoFlow portable power stations that is at discount

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