Avatar The Experience : Gardens by the Bay Pre-sale tickets now available!

Avatar: The Experience is coming to Singapore!

Step into the breathtaking world of Pandora and immerse yourself in the story of Jake Sully, who was tasked with saving humans from extinction. Let your imagination run wild as you explore this breathtaking wonderland.

The magic of Avatar: The Experience begins at the  Cloud Forest - Gardens by the Bay.

Be awed by a stunning architectural glass greenhouse complete with waterfalls, spiralling walkways and an iconic vision of an alien world. 

The immersive experience transports attendees into the alien world of Pandora, where you will be immersed in the culture of Na'vi and the bioluminescent environments and surroundings.

You will also enjoy exciting installations through the venue that takes you through an artistic representation of Ilu, a new marine creature from the upcoming film Avatar: The Way of the Water.

You can even fly your banshee as it soars through the Hallelujah Mountains.

 Public sales will be from the end of September.

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