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Ichiban Boshi Parkway Parade Review: Value Japanese Set meals

Our usual go-to Japanese food at Parkway Parade will be Ichiban Boshi.

Since Japan has not fully opened up for tourism, a trip down to our usual Japanese restaurant will satisfy our travel urge to the land of the rising sun.

If you had been to Ichiban Boshi, you would most likely be in awe of the menu. There are at least 20 pages of items to select from from Sushi to Sashimi to Donburi to Udon to Sukiyaki and more. This is probably your one-stop restaurant for families who crave Japanese food but cannot agree on what to eat.

Ichiban Boshi 

While the interior did not invoke any traditional accent, the light and airy modern setting make it a relaxing place for dining. For us, the ambience matters as much as the food and Ichiban Boshi ticks the right boxes.

We like to try a little bit of everything, so we usually choose sets for our meals.

Set Meal: Salmon Shasimi, Chicken Katsu, Soft Shell Crab, Chawanmushi, Soup, Fruits


This set meal cost around $25. While it may seem 'pricy' for a meal, the selection of dishes made it all worth it. The Soft Shell crab was a great addition to the usual salmon sashimi and chawanmushi. The chicken katsu was fried well without being too oily. Overall, a value set given the price and dishes.

Sukiyaki Set

One of the reasons we enjoyed Japanese food is because of the healthier selection. The Sukiyaki set may not be the dish with the lowest calories, but it is a decent meal for weight watchers.

Pork Katsu / Bacon and Cheese Katsu

Pork Katsu

The boys preferred something crunchier. One chose the Pork Katsu for the meal, while the other chose the Bacon and Cheese Katsu. As with the chicken katsu, these dishes are fried with the right amount of batter and are not oily to the touch. 

Bacon Katsu

Tastewise, both are equally good. The Pork Katsu would be a better option if one were to choose.


Ichiban Boshi is a family-friendly restaurant. The downside is that if you are heading there for the weekend, there will usually be a crowd, and you would have to wait quite a while for your turn.

If you are planning a Japanese meal for families, you will not go wrong at Ichiban Boshi.  

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