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McDonald's Pikachu Carrier Review and First Look!


McDonald's Pikachu Carrier is here!

After a week of quiet suspense, the Pikachu Carrier is finally available at most McDonald's outlets in Singapore. It has been a rather sneaky launch, with the Pikachu carrier only appearing on their website a day before the launch.

To get one, you would have to purchase any order of Extra Value Meal, 2x Value Meal, Feast and Family Meal at all McDonald's restaurants, excluding selected restaurants. Each customer can buy a maximum of 2 units per transaction ( Although we know some outlets are not strictly following this).

Given that anything Pokemon-related is always highly sought after and the fact that this is a tie-in with the popular fast food restaurant McDonald's, this is probably going to be on the radar of a lot of parents and kids ( and scalpers)  

Here is a quick look and review of McDonald's Pikachu Carrier

The nice bit about this Pikachu carrier is the packaging. It comes with a blue box with Pokeballs all over and has a cut-out in the shape of Pikachu Tail. It also has both Pokemon and McDonald's Logos. This would probably be a collectable item to come, and you SHOULD NOT throw the box away if you get one.

Inside the box, you have the Pikachu Carrier, a half Play mat with How to Guide and a random Trading Card. The placemat comes with instructions on how to play the Pokemon trading cards. This is what it looks like.

We note that the random card inside is NOT the same as the trading cards that are launched in other parts of the world ( USA, UK); thus, it is possible that you can get an ultra rare card inside. 

This also means that the trading card pack will probably NOT make it to Singapore.

As for the Pikachu Carrier, we like that it is full-bodied and not just the head (which was what the previous McDonald's Hello Kitty and My Melody Carrier was). In addition, it resembles the popcorn holders we had seen in theme parks, making for a nice display item.

The only downside is that the holding compartment is somewhat awkward. The opening is at the back. Because of the way it opens, you probably cannot place things like popcorn or sweets inside. It is more suited to store items such as Pokemon cards or a few packets of biscuits.

You can always do a simple hack by placing a light source in it and converting it to a lantern or night light to make it more usable.

Another thing we note is that there are no McDonald's-related markings on the Pikachu Carrier save for a label description on the underside of the base. As a result, the box mentioned earlier would be deemed more collectable, and you should keep it together with the carrier.

Here is an unboxing video

Is this McDonald's Pikachu Carrier worth $12.90 (USD 9)

We think that it is reasonably priced. Just don't get it from Carousell; some are pricing it for as high as $100!

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*Excluded McDonald's Shell outlets at McDonald's Shell Hougang, McDonald's Shell Tampines, McDonald's Shell Havelock, McDonald's Tampines Kiosk, McDonald's Singapore Polytechnic 2, McDonald's Temasek Polytechnic, McDonald's Nanyang Technological University, McDonald's Changi Airport Terminal 3.

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