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2022 PSLE Challenging Questions : Answers here!


2022 PSLE is officially over!

This year PSLE threw up a few surprises but in a good way. 

The notorious Maths paper was deemed as the most straightforward paper. While it has some tricky questions, it is manageable compared to past year's paper. English threw a slight curveball with the composition, Chinese sparks a debate on 'the man' while it is all about turkey, mosquito and poop in Science. Do not have a clue what these are all about, read on!


The Long Wait : PSLE

Generally a paper without many surprises. The buzz was the composition topic- The Long Wait.

Given that we had been 'waiting' for the past 2 years for Covid19 to be over, this topic is quite apt, provided it is written in the proper context. Topics on lockdowns, reunions and travel would be ideal in this situation. The long wait for an iPhone after PSLE would probably score much lesser.

The photos provided are 
Picture 1: Impatient girl sitting on the table, sulking with a drink beside her
Picture 2: A calendar with a particular date crossed out
Picture 3: A Long Queue

The surprise for Maths this year is that there are not many tricky surprises. With curveball questions in the past, it is natural for the children to be grilled on similar questions. Perhaps this year's paper seems like a park walk for many because of constant grilling.

Here are some of the 'tricker' questions

Paper 2 Q16 : The Fence Question

Paper 2 Q17: Cake and Cherries

Paper 1 Q30 : Red Beads, Blue Beads


The main hoo-haa was over the Compo pictures. The compo show a series of pictures where the main characters are a boy and an old woman. It apparently depicts the boy losing his phone, and the old woman was deemed a suspect. The man randomly appeared in 3 out of 5 photos, and some students only briefly him in the essay. The online chatter was about the importance of the man to the storyline.


The most challenging paper for this year was Science, with 2 questions that stood out.

The Turkey Question

The Turkey question requires an explanation of why the Turkey took a long time to reach 160°C. The answer was fairly straightforward, with Turkey being a poor conductor of heat.

The Mosquito and WASTE Question

Question: Why mosquitoes/flies are attracted to smelly human poo/cow dung/waste

Why we do not know the exact answer, but poo does contain nutrients which in turn could be good food for the mosquitoes. However, the full questions might lead to another answer altogether, as we understood that this is just a part of a full question. 

Honestly, we are stunned by this question.

There you have it, the tough questions for PSLE 2022. To be honest, they are not that difficult to solve or near impossible to fathom. In any case, we are glad that it is over!

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  1. As a science teacher, I know the answer for the science question is wrong. The Turkey question is to test the students understanding that there is no heat transfer once the max temp of 70 is achieved. The poop question is testing students understanding that poop contains water essential for the mosquito’s survival at the initial stages before it becomes an adult.

    1. Thanks for the input. Wow, these are pretty tough questions. I don't even know there is a max temp of 70 for the Turkey!

    2. The right answer is meat is poor conductor. If you put a turky in fire directly, don't tell me it can only stay at 70 C

    3. a max temp for turkey? well that was new to me🤯

  2. The actual question states waste and not poo. So theoretically waste is a mixture of solid and liquid.

    1. I think that there is another part which refers to gases. Not quite sure as no one has the actual question.


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