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Special Consideration : What to expect if you miss PSLE, O' Levels or National Exams due to Covid19 and other illness

So you are all geared up for the exams.

Having prepared for it for months, it is finally exam week. With less than a few days to exams, you are tested positive for Covid19. What do you do?

Under the current MOH guidelines, if you have tested ART or PCR positive, you must self-isolate within 72 hours. If your ART is negative, you can only exit self-isolation and resume normal activities. Otherwise, you can automatically self-discharge on Day 7, 12 pm onwards for fully vaccinated individuals and children under 12 and on day 14 for partially vaccinated individuals aged 12 and above.

What is Special Consideration?

Similar to previous years, anyone who misses national examinations such as PSLE or O'Levels for value reasons can apply for Special Consideration. These valid reasons include COVID-19, medical leave or compassionate reasons.

Special consideration is a well-established evidence-based methodology to award grades for affected candidates. Multiple data sources such as candidates' performance in the other papers for that affected subject in national and school-based examinations and the school cohort's performance in national and school-based exams ensure a fair assessment. 

There are 2 forms of Special Considerations. 

Scenerio 1 :For candidates who miss the full papers

Scenario 2 : For candidates who miss one or more papers in the national examination

What to do if you have COVID-19 or other illnesses.

1 For those with COVID-19, it is necessary to be medically certified. A positive ART test without certification would not be valid proof. 

2 Once you have the medical certification, inform the school and the form teacher of the status

3 When you are well enough to go to school, provide a medical certification copy.

4 If you are tested positive for ART, you can exit and still take exams if your test is negative 72 hours later.

Do refer here for the full procedures.

The Result

Based on our experience, the AL score allocated for the missed subjects are the same as prelim scores. It is important to do well for Prelim if such cases occur.

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