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A Universal Christmas Review: 6 reasons to soak in the Festive Spirit


Universal Christmas is back at USS!

From 23 Nov to 2 Jan, Universal Studios will bring back the Festive Mood with a new host of holiday treats for the family.

The streets of  Hollywood and New York are decked out in festive hues.

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Here are 6 reasons to make a trip to USS for A Universal Christmas.

1 Festive Meet and Greet

Universal Christmas Magadascar Meet and Greet

We always love Christmas in Universal Studios. This will be the time when your favourite characters dress up for meet and greet. The festive gear adds holiday cheer to the Meet and Greet.

Meet the gang from Sesame Street and the crew from Madagascar at New York.

Head down to Hollywood and catch the Minions.

A Universal Christmas Circus

You can also catch this year's Superstars of the circus around the park. Unicyclist Elf, Peppermint Plate Spinner, Stilt-walking Toy Soldier, and more will showcase their sideshow acts throughout the day.

Other characters such as Puss in Boots will also make their appearances around the park. This is your best chance to take photos with your favourite characters all decked out in festive gear.

2 Grand Parade and Santa's Circus Extravaganza

Grand Parade

Parades are back at Universal Studios. The parade will feature floats and an eclectic ensemble of 42 performers led by the Ringmaster Santa.


In the event of rain, the parade may be cancelled, but fret not, stay for Santa's Circus Extravaganza, which will lift the festive spirit.

Circus Act

The show tells the story of Frosty the Snowmen, together with circus acts and dance. 

Story of Frosty

This vibrant show will surely give you the Christmas chills. It has been a while since we had been up close to a performance and this is exhilerating! 

Ringmaster Santa

There are other shows around the park, such as Santa's Starlets and performances on the stage in Hollywood and New York.

Santa's Starlets

3 Let it Snow

Let it Snow: Universal Christmas at USS

If that is not enough, the finale show, Let it snow, will surely break the ice. It's soapy snow, but rest assured, the crowd soak it up. This is probably the highlight for everyone!

Let it Snow will also be at New York at selected times during the day

4 Carnival games with BIG prizes

Carnival Games

Other than rides, head to the carnival games and win BIG prizes. We had seen many walking around with giant toys around the park, proving that if you have the skills, you can win it.

Carnival Games at USS

There are 3 game booths, including basketball and can toss. We have seen many wins from the basketball booth, so you could be lucky too!

5 Festive treats

Indulge in festive flavours at the restaurants in RSS. Special items are on the menu at KT's Grill and other restaurants. Look out for Santa's Dessert cart for some holiday goodies and snacks.

6 Holiday Merchandise

Lastly, take back holiday merchandise as a souvenir for your day at USS.

Take home a holiday plushie from A Universal Christmas!

After a hiatus of 2 years, we are glad that A Universal Christmas has returned to USS. It definitely will bring you loads to cheer during this festive season!

Full details and timings of A Universal Christmas here

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