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Cafe Onion Anguk Review : Hanok Cafe near Bukchon Hanok Village

What's the most popular Cafe in Seoul?

Cafe hopping is one of the must-do in Seoul for tourists. From regular coffee joints to quirky cafes to cafes with animals, there are plenty of cafes to explore.

Cafe Onion

Cafe Onion is one of the more popular cafes in the touristy area of Anguk. It is steps away from Anguk Metro and within walking distance of Bukcon Hanock Village. It is also one station from the well-known Gyeongbokgung Palace. If you find this place familiar, you would have seen Cafe Onion popping up on your Instagram feeds or Tik Tok feeds.

Hanok Cafe

Cafe Onion's unique selling point is the building it is in. House in a hanok, a traditional Korean house that was first designed in the 14th Century, it oozes the charm of yesteryears. A hanok is best represented by traditional roof tiles and wooden interiors, and Cafe Onion retains most of its original feel.

Old vs New

Guests are seated on the floor instead of chairs in an open layout that oversees a courtyard. This setup brings an old-world charm into the cafe. In this setting, you hear conversations and chatter flowing through the air. We picked up a few familiar Singlish tones around us during our time there. Onion cafe is not only popular with the locals but with Singaporeans too.

Cafe Onion

Bread and Pastries

Bread and Pastries

Cafe Onion's is more popular for its opulent selection of bread and pastries. 

The Pandoro (5,000 won), a torpedo-shaped bread covered in powdered sugar, is the signature bread, and a must-have in your Instagram or TikTok feeds.

The Pandoro resembles a snowy mountain. While sugary, it is not too sweet and just right in fluffiness. 

We had this scone with whip cream too. This was delightful in taste and texture.

There are plenty more to choose from, but our stomachs are filled.

As for the drinks selection, they are your normal brew. 


Cafe Onion

While the pastries were delightful, the atmosphere won us over. Being a scorpion, the atmosphere plays a huge part in deciding if the place is worth a visit. The old-world vibe of Onions does just that. 

Getting There

South Korea, Seoul, Jongno-gu, Gyedong-gil 5 (Anguk Station, Exit 3)
서울특별시 종로구 계동길 5

Angguk Station Exit 3. Walked straight towards Changdeokgun place. Turn left on the first turn and Cafe Onion is just a building away.

 Google Map

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