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Giant Sculptures by Thomas Dambo at Palawan Beach, Sentosa : Where to find them?


Giants have landed in Singapore.

Four Giant sculptures by renowned Copenhagen-based recycling artist Thomas Dambo have called Palawan Beach home until 2024.

These sculptures are made of reclaimed wood materials such as pallets and floorboards and weigh almost 5.5 tonnes. These giant sculptures are not easy to spot. Visitors can use an online treasure trail map to search for Giants. On this interactive trail, you will learn more about each giant as you unravel the clues to their secret locations.

Credit: Sentosa Developement

Here is a quick look at the four giants

Curious Sue

The youngest of the giants, Curius Sue search for hidden treasures in the sand and she finds a cargo container. It represents marine litter from cargo ships seen from Sentosa. It reminds us to be more conscious of our consumption and clean our beaches.

Dreamer Dee

A lover of nature, he surrounds himself with it. Dreamer Dee inspires us to think about the potential of what is wast today and be mindful of what we leave behind. 

Reef the Chief

The tallest of the giants, he is always on guard and encourages us to be more aware of our carbon footprint.

Little Lyn

She forages nature for food. It serves as a reminder of how important it is to preserve the delicate ecosystem of nature. 

Where to find Thomas Dambo Giant sculptures

Want to find the Giants fast?

Use this map for reference.

All photos credit Sentosa Development Corporation.

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