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Jack's Place Parkway Parade: Old School Steakhouse

Finding an old-school steakhouse in the East?

In the wake of new restaurants sprouting up all over Singapore, a few restaurants chain survived this explosion. Jack's Place is one of them.

Founded in 1966, there are 16 outlets in Singapore. Jack Place is  a steakhouse that is family-friendly. It is a place that I would frequent with my parents whenever there is a special occasion. While the interior has been upgraded, it still retains a familiar vibe that makes dining in there comforting. After decades, I continue this tradition with the family.

While it is famous for steaks, there are other options available at Jack's Place. 


Crispy Calamari Rings ( $7.5)

Theses are served with lemon and tartar sauce. The batter is crisp and the calamari was easy to chew. It makes a good starter.

Curly Truffle Friends with Parmesan Cheese ($8.8)

This has always been a regular dish that we order as we like the truffles on the fries. The Parmesan cheese is a tad lesser than expected.

Soup of the day

The soup of the day can vary in terms of quality. The one we had could have been creamier. If you are ordering sets, you normally get a soup of the day, a main dish and desserts.

Main Course

Bacon Filet Mignon with Truffle Butter ($32)

A Tender fillet steak that is topped with turkey bacon and truffle butter, this is an indulgence dish. We ordered Medium that is cooked more medium well than medium. It comes with the signature baked potato that you can add condiments such as bacon bits and onion sauce to complete the dish.

NZ Ribeye Steak 180g ($25.5)

This steak was cooked much better at Medium. It's warm and juicy enough. It comes in two sizes, 180g or 250g. It may be better value to order the 250g which is only $3 more.

N.Z Lamp Chops ($23.5)

If you are not a fan of beef, you can order the lamp chops. It comes on a hot plate with baked potatoes and seasonal vegetables. The meat is a tad chewy and you do get portions of fats on the meat. Great for those who prefer fats on the meat.  

Combo Grills:  Battered Fish and Chicken Steak ($18)

Combo grills are the ones to choose from for those who prefer variety. We had battered fish and chicken steak. This dish is served with spaghetti Aglio olio, mesclun salad, tartar sauce and chicken gravy.  Other varieties include stead and lobster options. Compared to the main dishes, it is value for money.


If you come in the evening, there are usually no promotions. Without the promos, the overall price is akin to a mid-range restaurant. However, if you come when they have set lunches or even 1 for 1 offer, Jack Place is a good place to enjoy a good piece of steak. Nonetheless, this place is nostalgic and will appeal to the older crowd.

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