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Sunnystep Shoes Review : These shoes are made for walking!

Do you know that walking is good for your health?

Walking 10,000 steps a day is linked to a lesser chance of cardiovascular disease, cancer and dementia.

After experiencing walking over 10,000 steps over 10 days during our holidays in Seoul, we realised that we needed a pair of proper prof shoes to walk. The missus has the sole from her shoes dislodged while my feet feel pain with each additional step. This leads us on the lookout for new pair of shoes. Sunnystep must have heard our call and stepped up to our rescue!

Sunnystep is a Singapore company. Their sole mission (excuse the pun) is to help people move freely and happily. To do that, a comfortable walking shoe is a must. 

The shoes are made for Asian feet.

Asia Size

Sports shoes are usually not tailored for Asian Feet. With flat feet, I often need help with shoes that are narrower in design. Sunnystep shoes have a wider front that makes them comfortable for my wide feet. The fit was perfect on the first try.

Build-in massager sole

Stable Support

The insole is the star of the pair of shoes. All shoes have a removable insole that provides arch support with massage points. A wide footbed and extra cushioning at the hell and ball of the feet. It is also made up of polyurethane material that will keep stinkiness at bay.
These shoes are made for walking

Comfortable materials


The shoes are made of lightweight leather. Compared to traditional orthotic shoes, they are not chunky or heavy. As a result, walking, running or even jumping in them is effortless.

Easy Walking with Sunnnystep

They came with extra velvet cushioning at the heels to prevent blisters. The uppers are flexible and buttery soft, ensuring a comfortable fit. The shoes are water resistant and easy to wipe for easy maintenance. 

Comfortable Material

We do recommend wearing socks with the shoes. The shoe opening can be a tad high for selected shoes, which may cause minor discomfort to some without socks.

Take a step with Sunnystep

We took a stroll around Botanic Gardens for the whole morning to try out the shoe. Even though this was the first time we wore them, we were blister free despite walking around for over 2 hours!

Unisex - suitable for male or female

When we went to the store to pick up the shoes, we quickly realised that the shoes were unisex. The clean-cut design of the shoes means they will fit males and females regardless of shoe choice. This would mean that getting bigger shoe sizes for women would not be an issue.

Unisex shoes

The sizes of the shoes range from 35 to 46. However, not all colours have all the sizes, and the popular ones would require booking in advance. Given that it is unisex, couples who love to match each other would love Sunnystep.

Looks good with (almost)  anything

Looks good with anything

The clean-cut design means that the shoes will look good with almost everything. The Elevate Walker has a clean look with a discreet logo. The brown accent looks excellent on the pair of white shoes. 

Take a walk with me

It is versatile enough to pair with Bermudas, jeans or even pants.

The balance walker will make a comfortable pair of walking shoes for your hikes and overseas vacations. Sunnystep brand is found at the back of the shoes.

Pair it with shorts or a dress; it will look good either way. The missus commented that the shoes also look good with their streamlined silhouette.

Vivocity outlet

If you want to invest in a good pair of walking shoes, you can’t go wrong with Sunnystep. You can head to their islandwide stores or book online via this link.

As a bonus for our readers, quote WACKY8OFF at checkout and get an additional $8 off the shoes. Offer last till Dec 2023.

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