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CodeMonkey Review : Coding for Young Kids

Unlock a new skill for your child this year.

In today's world, programming and coding are becoming more mainstream. With technological advancement, online coding for kids is almost a must for children. 

The challenge will be picking the right course for the young ones. For many finding the appropriate time to squeeze in a lesson or two in between schools, enrichment classes, and sporting activities can be an obstacle. 

CodeMonkey is the perfect answer to providing a child with coding knowledge in a fun way at their own pace and time. CodeMonkey is an educational computer platform that allows beginners to learn programming concepts and languages. Tailored for students ages 6-14, it uses languages like Python, Blocky and CoffeeScript to get them started on programming.

Signing Up

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There are various packages to start off the child's programming journey. We recommend signing up for a trial where selected courses will be provided to determine if this suits you. You can sign up as a student, parent or educator.

First impression

Programming is taught using games that teach you how to use programming in a different environment. They are colour coded from Novice to Advance, catering to students of different levels. Each course has a specific learning purpose with a mix of text coding, block coding and Digital Literacy focusing on computer science theory.  

Coding languages such as STEM and Python are also available at various levels.

For those starting out, we recommend taking novice games first.  It will start by introducing basic steps in programming. This will help those who need prior knowledge to get familiar with elementary programming. 

The novice game is simple to pick up, and within a few clicks, the student would have no issue navigating the course.

Learning to programme

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The beginner game introduces the fundamentals of programming. Here, students will get to introduce commands to the game and use them to create their own version of the game. We like using colourful graphics and easy-to-learn tasks to learn programming fundamentals.

In terms of the learning experience, we like the structured process in an informal setting. By going through the lessons from beginners to advance, students can pick up the basics and move effortlessly from what they have learned to more advanced modules.  

Each module has various tasks that will be incrementally difficult as part of the learning process.

Learning Objectives

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At the end of the modules, you will be familiarised with the various uses of codes and applications. By certain stages, you could create your own personalised games, chatbots and more.   

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There are also elements of maths and physics integrated into the course, making it relevant and practical. 

Why we like it?

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Use of Games to learn

Lessons are in the form of games. While there are theory modules, the practical modules using games are great. It provides entertainment and keeps their attention in the long run.

Clear learning paths

We like how the lessons are segregated by difficulty and different coding languages. This makes learning more structured and easier to absorb

Monthly Activity to apply learning

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The monthly activity is a practical way to apply what the students learn from their lessons. Using their learned experience, they could create their own games for monthly activities.

Learn at Your Own Pace

The platform is available 24/7. This means you can learn from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

Unbeatable pricing

Pricing starts from US$6 per month. I If you have more than 1 child, you could opt for the family package from USD 12 per month. t is a fraction compared to regular classes and worth every buck.

Sign up for CodeMonkey here

If you plan to pick up coding for your kids or want them exposed to programming, CodeMonkey Coding for kids is a good start. While the target age group is between 6-14, it is more geared towards primary school students. CodeMonkey would be a great way to kick off the coding journey.  

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