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Dahlia Dreams 2023 : Year of the Rabbit

Dahlia Dreams is back!

Gardens by the Bay CNY annual floral display, Dahlia Dreams, has returned. This time around, to usher in the Year of the Rabbit, there will be 100 rabbits taking centrestage at Gardens by the Bay's Flower dome.

百兔 (băi tù)

Dahlia Dreams 

One hundred rabbits sound like white rabbit 百兔 (băi tù), making it apt to have this as a display. Here are the highlights of Dahlia Dreams 2023

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Rabbit Figures

Bai tu

The rabbit figures can be found at the entrance and the main floral display area at Flower Field.

Rabbits @ Dhalia Dreams

There are many different kinds of rabbits. 

Rabbits @ Dahlia Dreams

From traditional rabbits to wooden rabbits to rabbit lanterns and cute rabbit figures. There are plenty of photo opportunities for you at Dahlia Dreams.

Lion Dance

Aesop's fable The Hare and the Tortise

The Hare and Tortoise

This year, the Dahlia Dreams borrowed a famous tale, The Hare and the Tortoise, to reference their main display.

Dhalia Dreams

Check out the race between this pair of animals throughout the flower dome.


Magnolia Tree in the word of rabbit in Chinese 兔  (tù)

Rabbit Magnolia Tree

Look out for the 6m tall magnolia tree in the middle of the flower bed. Can you see the word  兔  (tù)

Rabbit Pagoda  


Be in awe of the 5-storey tall pagoda and the little rabbits around it.


1.5 m artistic sculpture of rabbits.

Looking around the Flower Dome, you would notice wooden animal sculptures representing the different zodiac signs. 

Wooden Rabbit

The most impressive one would be the dragon sculpture perched on the second level overlooking the Flower Fields. The 1.5m wooden rabbits are the latest addition to the family.        

Spot the Dragon

Thousands of Dahlias 

Dhalia Dreams

While the rabbits take centerstage, the thousands of Dahlias share the limelight. 

Dahlia Flowers

Native to Mexico and Central America, Dahlias is one of the largest flowering plants, Asteraceae or the sunflower family.

Full Bloom

Related to chrysanthemums, gerberas, daisies and marigolds, they make a perfect match to the traditional Chinese New Year blooms.


Other Activities

Rabbit year

There are plenty of activities around Gardens By the Bay during this period. River Angbao, Avatar, and workshops are some things you can explore while there.


For more activities, head to the GBTB page to find out more.

Dahlia Dreams will be displayed from 13 Jan to 26 Feb 2023 at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay.

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