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EMPIRE PRO Massage Chair Review : Your Affordable Premium Home Massager


Feeling sore?

When you are hitting 50, getting a good stretch is a must.

While exercising may be a great way to stretch, a deep 3D massage would be preferred, especially after a long day in the office. Going out for massages could be a chore, while daily massages will probably burn a hole in the pocket. The next best alternative would be to get a massage chair in your room.

Having your own massage chair has its benefits. First, you would save time from travelling. Secondly, you could use it anytime you want. Thirdly, it will save you a pretty penny in the longer run. However, a decent massage chair with all the bells and whistles could cost you $3000 to $5000 and above. That made many unwilling to invest in one.

EMPIRE, a homegrown brand, has the perfect solution for those seeking a premium yet highly affordable  massage chair. At a fraction of its price vs the usual industry standard, EMPIRE provides 2 different versions of a massage chair starting from only $1399. 

Why get Empire?

We decide to get our hands on the EMPIRE PRO Massage chair for a try. This is the premium range of massage chairs from EMPIRE, with a price tag of only $1,999. After trying it out, we are absolutely in love with it. You can check out our video review here

Here are 5 reasons why EMPIRE Massage chairs should be on the top of your list for Home Massage Chairs.

1 Small in size

Massage chairs of the past used to be big and chunky. The EMPIRE Massage chair only takes up a footprint of 150cm by 70 cm when it is not extended. When extended, the total length is only 160cm. At this dimension, it could easily fit into most living rooms and bigger bedrooms, even for new BTO flats. 

This dimension also fits the standard height range of Singaporean men and women as it is built to cater for locals.

2 Big in features

AI Body Detection 

The premium version comes with an AI Body detection scan. Once the massage chair is switched on, it will scan your body and optimise the massage for each body shape. This will create a personalised experience, and every massage delivered is perfectly tailored to the body, catering to all heights and sizes. Each massage will be unique to the person sitting on the chair.

This feature is only found in the pro version

Thai Stretch

Another pro version exclusive is the Thai Stretch which is unique to EMPIRE. We have tried this, and it is our preferred mode for a morning massage. The Thai Stretch Mode is uniquely programmed to lift and stretch your body muscles if you love a strong and satisfying massage. Through a series of compression and extension movements, experience an intense yet highly relieving Thai-style massage.

Advanced 3D Massage Technology

Advanced 3D techniques mimic real-life hand movements such as kneading, tapping, knocking, rolling, and deep tissue push. For the hard massages, you can feel the pressure as how a massage therapist would apply. If you prefer the softer mode, these techniques can be adjusted in the manual mode. You can customise the massage techniques as you wish.

Industry-Leading S/L Track

This is not a massage chair that only focuses on the back. With the S/L track, you will get maximum coverage for the whole body as it moves from the neck, shoulders,spine and even to the bottoms and inner thights to give your body the complete massage experience.

Zero Gravity

Some massage chairs only offered one seated position. All EMPIRE chair allows you to be in a zero gravity position with a 180° recline. We understand this feature is usually found in only high-end massage chairs. It gives you a feeling of floating in the air and relieves pressure off your spone.

Whole Body Airbags

Massage chairs have evolved, and the high-end massage chairs uses airbags to complement a massage. The EMPIRE chair too uses airbags to target all your tired and aching muscles. They are uniquely programmed to recreate a stronger compression-release feeling mimicking an actual massage therapist. This will aid in blood circulation, providing a relieving massage for tired muscles. The airbags target the shoulders, arms and legs to reach most spots of your body for a full massage.

Bluetooth Speakers

There are also Bluetooth speakers for you to play soothing music while having a massage to mimic a spa environment. It is uniquely engineered to go into your ears to create an immersive 3D audio environment for enhancing the massage experience. Put on the scented candles, and you are good to go!

Leg & Sole Reflexology with Heat Therapy

If you walk or stand a lot throughout the day, the EMPIRE pro will knead the sole of the feet with 3D acupuncture massagers for relaxation and blood circulation. It also provides Heat Therapy at 45°, which is great for those looking for muscle relief after a run or workout.

4 Premium Quality

The massage chair is made with high-quality PU leather that is easy to maintain and built to last. In addition, its contemporary design means it will fit nicely in most modern households.

5 Simple to use

Auto modes

The massage chair comes with 5 present auto modes. You have the signature mode that targets the whole body and other modes that target the back, neck and stretch. 

Manual modes

You can use the manual mode to fully customise the massage. Adjust the techniques, strength, width and movement to find the right settings for your massage experience. For example, if you have sore shoulders from long computer hours, you can fix the 3D massagers to only target your shoulders muscle for immediate relief.

The controls can be done via the centre panel or at the right panel.

While the controls are within reach, this could be improved with backlights for the individual buttons. As we like to do massages in the dark, it can be hard to figure out the buttons when there are no lights to guide us.

Local Warranty and Support

Buy a massage chair with peace of mind as EMPIRE provide a 1-year on-site warranty. As they are a local company, EMPIRE is able to send down technicians promptly to your place should the massage chair have any issues. It is very hassle-free. 


The EMPIRE is priced at $1,399, and the EMPIRE PRO at $1,999 with a 1-year onsite local warranty. With all its bells and whistles, it is hard to beat at this price point.

It is easily 50% cheaper than the industry standard, truly offering a premium yet highly affordable massage chair. 

If you like our EMPIRE Massage Chair Review, it is available for direct purchase via their website at www.empire.sg.

If you would like to try the chairs first, it is available for viewing at CT Hub, #09-12 2 Kallang Avenue Singapore 338407.

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