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943 King's Cross Review : Harry Potter Inspired Cafe in Hongdae Seoul


Do you want to visit a Harry Potter Cafe in Seoul?

943 King's Cross

943 Kings Cross Cafe and Pub

Seoul is well known for its fancy cafe. From traditional cafes like Onion Cafe to animal cafes like Thanks Nature Cafe, there is something for everyone. 943 King's Cross cafe is a Harry Potter Theme Cafe. It is not an officially licensed Harry Potter but one inspired by Harry Potter. 

943 Cafe

While there are subtle references to Harry Potter, it leans more towards a wizard's lair. The lack of references may be because of copyright issues. In fact, if you compare the current facade to the day it was open, there are subtle differences. The King's Cross and 9 3/4 signs were removed, and the flags that resembled the houses of Hogwarts were removed. There used to be a 9 3/4 platform at the side of the building that disappeared too!

Screengrab Google

943 Cafe is housed in a standalone building with 6F and a basement. Only the basement and the first 4 floors are accessible to guests.

Where to go

Basement 1: Wizard Hut

Wizard Hut

The basement is more of a bar than a cafe. This place is more suited for adults due to the settings.

Wizard Corner

Some eerie displays make it more like an evil witch den than a Harry Potter Bar.

Spooky Decor

1st Floor: Magical Liquid Medicine or Dessert & food

Wizard Gift Shop

The first floor is where the gift shop is and where you order food. The main thing to get would be the Wand for the Wizard of Death.

There is a foyer for you to order your food. To access the other floors, you must order at least a drink before entry.

Magic broom

Flying brooms, magic carpets and orge wanted posters are on this floor for your Instagram feeds.
Have you seen an Ogre?

2F Wizard Cafe

Wizard Cafe

This floor has your usual individual tables and chairs for seating. This is the least interesting one compared to the rest of the floors. It is also the brightest for those who prefer to see what they eat or drink.

3F Banquet Hall
Banquet Hall

The setting here is like a big banquet room. It is more medieval than magical. It is rather dark too. 

4F Wizard Dormitory

Wizard Dormitory

If you want a little magic, this is the floor to be on. The table and chairs are built on bedlike platforms. There are also cosy corners to take photos.

Harry Potter Costumes

'Harry Potter Costumes are also available. There are no additional charges for it. Just pick what you want to wear and go around this floor for photos.

5F & 6F

These floors are restricted to guests, and there is nothing to see here.


943 King's Cross provides servings of food and beverages. While the food, like Dragon Leg Plate, looks good, we were there mainly for the atmosphere. To gain entry to the cafe, you would need to purchase at least a drink, so we opted for their Signature Wizard brew.

Wizard Chocolat ( 11,800 won)

Wizard Green Tea ( 11,800 won)

 Wizard Butter (11,800 won)

The drinks are a little on the sweet side. We would have preferred them to be in glasses rather than plastic cups as it does not give out the same vibe. There is also butter beer, but they are alcoholic compared to what you would find at Universal Studios Harry Potter's World.


If you expect a Harry Potter experience, you might be disappointed with the subtle changes. However, if you want a wizardry experience, 943 King's Cross cafe might have just enough to keep you entertained. 


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