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Hadilao Hot Pot@ Downtown East : Good Service but pricey meal

Let's for a Hot Pot!

If you mentioned Hot Pot, Hadilao would be one of the options that pop up in a conversation. This hot pot chain has made enough fortune for the owners to own not one but at least 3 GCBs in Singapore!

Despite the accolades, we had not been to Hadilao all this while, so over the weekend, we decided to check out the hype and see if it really lived up to its reputation. Hadilao is famed for its service and presentation, so we would look out for these during our meal.

The Service

We headed to the Downtown East outlet for a meal. It was supposedly one of the smaller outlets. We had a reservation but were told we needed to return half an hour later. After the wait, we were ushered to a waiting area to order our meals from a tablet.

While waiting, we were offered complimentary drinks and snacks. This is the first sign of good service from Hadilao.

Haidilao Snacks

During our meals, we were served by a dedicated server. The server was also in charge of 4 to 5 other tables around us. Although he was busy during the meal,  he was attentive to our needs.  

Hadilao Birthday Song and Dance

Other impressive touches include the enthusiastic singing of birthday songs and dances by the staff.

Haidilao Noodle Performance

If you order noodles, there is a performance by the staff too.

We had read online that blankets were offered and other hacks can be done to get freebies or enhance the experience. However, being new to Hadilao, it did not occur to us to request any of the hacks. 

The Food

Free flow condiments for an extra fee at Hadilao

If you are new to Haidilao, note that dipping condiments cost extra. When we asked if we could get just a portion for one, we were told everyone would be charged for the sauce if one on the table got it. However, since the condiments are essential in a Hot Pot experience, we decided to call it regardless.

Plenty of options exist, and you can mix and match the sauces. If you do not know how to, refer to the recommended sauces on the board.

Other than condiments, the soup base would also be chargeable according to the number of soups requested. This is probably why some would find Hot Pot expensive, as you have to pay for all these before ordering dishes.

Haidilao Mela

We had a selection of meats and mainly half portions as we would like variety.

Half Portions Haidilao

Luncheon Meal

Overall the meal was palatable. The soup base was agreeable to our taste buds.

The only downside will be the dessert. The Pulut Hitam was rather tasteless and watery. Given that the experience was costly, it was a disappointment.


The meal experience was good regarding the service experience and the hot pot food quality. This is the place to come if you celebrate a special event like a birthday. In terms of pricing, it is comparatively higher than a regular outing, at least for us. The final bill was around $45 per pax.

We would be back to celebrate a birthday and try out the hacks recommended by experience diners!

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