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Clockology : How to install watch faces on apple watc

 Do you have an Apple Watch?

It is becoming commonplace to have an Apple Watch. One of the main benefits is the extra features you can have from an Apple Watch. From Apple Pay to health and activity monitoring to notifications for incoming messages and emails, Apple Watch has become an important 'tool' in people's wardrobes.

While you can customise the face with the provided face designs on Apple Watch app, it probably needs to be more generic for one's liking. Recently, Apple watch faces surfacing that show faces of brands such as Rolex, Patek Phillips, Richard Mille, AP, Panerai and more. These are tributes to the original watches, making your Apple watch sassier.

Patek Phillipe Apple Watch Face

Want to get them on your watch for Free? 

Here is how you do it.

1 Download Clockology App on your iPhone

You can search for Clockology from App Store or you can download it from this link.

2 Open the Watch App and install Clocklogy to the Watch App

Schroll down to Installed on Apple Watch

3 Click Clockology App and turn on the show app

You should be able to see the App on your watch thereafter

4 Open Clocklogy and join the Telegram community

There are other ways to get the watch face, but the Telegram method is the easiest.

5 Schroll and look for your favourite watch face

There is a combination of originals and tribute face watches.

 Find the one you like and click on the link below the photo to download it to the phone.

6 Open it with the Clocklogy app after download

There will be 2 icons with the face watch in between. Click on the right one to install the watch. The Clocklogy app or clock face must be open to installing it. You can also edit the watch face to your liking before installation.

There you have it, a new watch face of the brand you love.


Panerai Apple Watch Face

There are some limitations to Clockology

1)It is an app and does not replace the actual face, so you need to toggle it to activate it.

Toggling is simple, double tap on the button on the dial to activate it

2) It will revert to the watch's original face if inactivity occurs.

To make it last longer, you can do two things

1 Go to Settings > General > Return to Clock> After 1 hour

Add Clockology Complication for faster switch

2 Add Clocklogy as a complication on the Apple Watch Face. Simply tap on it, and it will activate the Clockology Watch face.

3) Subscriptions may be required for selected functions

Some watch faces added complications that require a subscription to make the complications work. Subscriptions are chargeable. 

Casio Face for Apple Watch

With this app, you can now change the face of the Apple Watch daily without burning a hole in the pocket. The app is free, and so are the faces. You can even convert your $680 Apple Watch to look like a $50 Casio!

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