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Gong He Guan Review : Geylang Road Dessert Shop.

Craving for desserts in Geylang?

Geylang Road is well known as a foodie paradise. However, despite its seedy reputation, the whole stretch of Geylang Road is filled with good food options.

From Frog Porridge to Dim Sum to Bak Kut Teh to Thai bbq, you can find authentic Chinese dishes to whet your appetite. However, dessert stores are less than a handful on this stretch. One of them is Gong He Guan.

Gong He Guan Geylang

Gong He Guan is a corner dessert shop at the intersection between Lorong 7 and Geylang Road. You can opt to sit indoors with aircon or at the open-air five-foot way.


Their in-house speciality is herbal jelly or Gui Ling Gao. The Gui Ling Gao was a tad pricey compared to the other desserts on the menu. In the end, we opt for Rock Melon with Sago and Milk and Yam Paste with Pumpkin and Ginko Nut instead.

Gong He Guan Menu

Yam Paste with Pumpkin and Ginko Nut
Gong He Guan Yam Paste
This is comparable to other dessert stores, such as Wan Mei Dessert. I prefer the latter as it has a thicker yam paste. Nonetheless, it is of decent quality.

Rock Melon with Sago and Milk
Rock Melong with Sago and Milk
This is another satisfactory dessert for those craving a sweet dessert. The mix of ice, rock melon, sago and milk delights the tastebuds.

Gong He Guan Dessert

Gong He Guan

The good thing about this dessert place is that you can easily find a spot. We were there on a Saturday evening and still managed to find seats. We also like the fact that it is open and not glassed up, so you can people-watch while eating. The charm of having meals in Geylang is that you can see the mix of bright lights, noise, and people walking past you as you savour the food.

This would make a decent stop if you crave dessert after a meal in Geylang.

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