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LEGO Star Wars Diorama building Sets Review


Are you a fan of Star Wars?

If you are an avid fan of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, there will be 2 LEGO diorama building sets that you have to get to put on display. 

The first is the iconic final duel scene between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in the Emperor's Throne Room. This 807 Emperor's Throne Room scene on the rebuilt Death Star includes the recognisable window, Emperor's chair and many more.

Image Credit : Lego

You will get three Minifigures featuring Luke Skywalker, Darth Vade and Emperor Palpatine, along with lightsabers and bolts of Sith lightning.

Image Credit : Lego

The next is a 608 piece featuring Endor Speeder Chase. This diorama brings to life the highspeed action amongst the lush forest. 

Image Credit : Lego

There will be three minifigures with Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and a Scout Trooper. Included in the set are two speeder bikes and a forest environment. 

Image Credit : Lego

The sets will be on sale from 1st May.  The 807 LEGO Star Wars Emperor's Throne Room is available at USD $99.99 and the LEGO Star Wars Endor Speeder Chase diorama is available at USD $79.99

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