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Ryan (Ex NOC) Penthouse is for Sale at $2.08m by Property Lim Brothers

Looking for a 4 BR Penthouse unit?

If you have seen the home tour video of Ryan Bachelor Pad on the defunct Renoking and considered owning a similar house, you are in luck!

The same house is currently marketed by Property Lim Brothers (PLB), a property agency running the popular property showcase channel - Property Lim Brothers

Screenshot from PLB
Screenshot :Renoking

We were browsing the PLB channel and thought that the unit looked familiar. Upon further investigation, we confirmed we were right. Just check out the similarities below.

Screenshot: PLB

Screenshot: Renoking

Located at Floraville, a Freehold Boutique Condo located at Cactus Road in District 28. This is a 50-unit condo with facilities such as a lap pool, bbq pavilion and small pool. 

Source: PLB

TOP in 2018, this unit has only 1 owner to date. The selling price is $2.08m. At that price, it would be $1,452 psf. The last few transactions in May 2022 were sold at a similar price range. This is of good value given how much the property prices have risen since then.

Current Floorplan

At 1,432 sqft, it was formerly a 2 Floor 4-bedroom unit converted to a 2-bedroom penthouse. There is currently 1 bedroom on the ground floor and 1 bedroom on the second floor. This explains why the price was not higher, as the change would limit the pool of buyers. Based on the caveat, the unit's original price was approximately $1.6 to $1.7m

Screenshot Renoking

The other 2 bedrooms were torn down to make a more extensive living and dining area. Renovated at $220,000 about 1.5 years back, it has all the bells and whistles of a modern home. Plenty of sponsored furnishing exists, so expect the quality to be top in class. They are mainly hosted from Ziptracks to vinyl flooring and ceiling to power tracks. 

Screenshot: Renoking

The unit comes with 3 balcony spaces. This would be great for those looking for indoor/outdoor living.

Designed in a computer game

Interestingly, the house was designed using The Sims 4 game. As a result, the final look turns out classy and timeless.

If you are in the market for a designer home featured in not one but two popular Youtube channels, consider calling the listing agents for a viewing.

You can watch the home tour by Ryan and PLB if you want to see them here.

Home Tour with PLB

Home Tour with RenoKing

Will this be your new home?

All screenshots rights belong to the respective owners. Property Details are provided by PLB and found in public domain.

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