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The Full List of NDP Songs from 1984 to 2023


The full NDP songs catalogue from 1984 till 2023. 

NDP  is the most appropriate occasion to belt out your favourite national day song and showcase your singing talents. Every Singaporean should be familiar with crowd favourites such as Home, One People, One Nation, One Singapore, Count on Me, Singapore and  Stand Up for Singapore.

Here is the complete list of Singapore NDP songs from 1984 to 2023

List of National Day songs (Source - National Libary board) 
2023: " Shine Your Light" 
(Music: Don Richmond: lyrics and ShiGGa Shay, Sara Wee. Performers : 53A, The Island Voices, Lewloh, Olivia Ong, ShiGGa Shay, Iman Fandi, Lineath)

A youthful song with an almost spiritual vibe. The recent NDP songs had generally been upbeat but forgettable. It is hard to match the songs of yesterday where the audience can sing along or evoke strong sentiments ala Home. Would 2024 bring something different?

2022: " Stronger Together" 
(Music/lyrics: Don Richmond. Performer: Taufik Batisah)
Performed by Taufik Batisah featuring The Island Voices, "Stronger Together" is a rallying call for Singaporeans to come together after a year of battle with Covid. It's upbeat, with lyrics reminding us to be humble and grateful. 

2021: "The Road Ahead" 
(Music/lyrics: Linying and Evan Low)

This year's NDP song has an optimistic vibe to it. It may be less upbeat or catchy than the previous rendition, but it is heartfelt with lyrics that are very appropriate for the time we are living in. Could this be the new HOME?

2020: "Everything I Am " 
(Music/lyrics Joshua Wan; performer Nathan Hartono)

The 2020 theme song is sung by Singapore Singer Writer Nathan Hartono, popularly known for his Sing! China breakthrough. It is a tad slow to sing along and more like a ballad than a typical NDP song

2019: " Our Singapore" 
( Music/lyrics: Dick Lee; Performer various artistes)

2019 theme song combines familiar tunes, We Will Get There and Our Singapore. The song's highlight will undoubtedly be the amazing cast of young and old performers. Everyone can relate to it!

2018: "We are Singapore " 
(Music/lyrics: Charlie Lim. Original Music and lyrics: Hugh Harrison, Performer: Charlie Lim, Vanessa Fernandez, Aisyah Aziz, Shak'thiya Subramaniamm, THELIONCITYBOY, Joanna Dong and ITE Show Choir)

 Using the familiar 1987 favourite We Are Singapore, it was remixed and updated for the current generation.

2017:" Because It's Singapore " 
( Music/lyrics: Jay Lim, Lee Wei Song; performer Jay Lim)

It had Singapore, it had a home, and it had one nation. Surely it will be a hit with lyrics pinched from past NDP songs?

Unfortunately, it sounded cliche and missed the real vibes of life in Singapore. There was a disconnect with the masses.  The opinions were pretty diverse on this, and the verdict is still out if it would be a crowd favourite through the passage of time.

2016: "Tomorrow's Here Today " 
(Music /lyrics: Don Richmond; performer 53A)

We loved the catchy and cheery tune. It echoed what dreams may come.

2015: "Our Singapore"
(Music/lyrics: Dick Lee; performer: Dick Lee/ JJ Lin )

Being the 50th birthday, NDP 2015 brought back Singapore's favourite composer Dick Lee for this song. It may not hit the heights of Home, but it was meaningful. It was a song that rightfully paid tribute to pioneers. A fitting song to appreciate our nation's short history.

As Dick Lee sang ...The best is yet to come.

2014: "We Will Get There & One People, One Nation, One Singapore (Crica 1990)

2014 was confusing; there were no new 'official NDP songs. Instead, old NDP songs were remixed and used. One of the reasons why was because there were complaints (yes, we locals do that a lot!) that the previous renditions of NDP songs since 2008 were quite forgettable. For the record, One People, One Nation, One Singapore first appeared in 1990.

2014: " Home" - Updated Version(Circa 1998)

Another update to Home. This time, Dick Lee sang part of the song with a host of local singers. Kit Chan and JJ Lin were back to do their part too.


2014: "What Do You See?" (Circa 2009)

Some had mistaken this for a new NDP song. They had forgotten that it was the NDP song 5 years ago.


2013: “One Singapore” 
(music: Elaine Tan; lyrics: Selena Tan; performers: Sing A Nation choir, comprised of 68 ordinary Singaporeans)

Whenever we hear this song, workout sessions like Zumba come to mind. It must be the Whoo ho-oh oh and the dance routine is thrown into the mix.

2012: “Love at First Light” 
(music: Iskandar Ismail; lyrics: Paul Tan; performers: Olivia Ong and Natanya Tan)

This was much better. An updated modern song with lyrics that people can relate to. At this stage, it was not about struggles or nationalistic fervour. Instead, the focus was on appreciating what we have. Nice Song.


2011: “In a Heartbeat” 
(music: Goh Kheng Long; lyrics: Haresh Sharma; performer: Sylvia Ratonel)

Raise up your hand if you can remember this. ✋
We miss Home...


2010: “Song for Singapore” 
(music/lyrics/performer: Corrinne May)

The lyrics were good, but something was amiss. 

2009: “What Do You See?” 
(music/lyrics/performers: Electrico)

First Rock-inspired NDP song. Did not sit well with the conservative masses.


2008: “Shine for Singapore”
(music/lyrics: Benny Wong; performers: Joi Chua and Hady Mirza)

2008 marked the start of forgettable tunes. Can you remember this?
Song was sung by another Singapore Idol Winner, Hady Mirza.


Joi Chan Chinese version 晴空万里

2007: “There’s No Place I’d Rather Be”
(music/lyrics: Jimmy Ye; performer: Kit Chan)

The return of Kit Chan.

This was a tad disappointing with controversial lyrics. There were mentions of Cairo, Bombay, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall, Big Ben, Thames, Hollywood, and River Kwai but NO Singapore. Uh oh...


2007: “Will You” 
(music/lyrics: Jimmy Ye; performers: Janani Sridhar, Asha Edmund, Emma Yong, Lily Yong Rahmat, Jai Wahab, Shabir Mohammed, Sebastian Tan and Gani Karim)

Another song that was hard to remember. We do like the multicultural vibes on this song.

2006: “My Island Home” 
(music/lyrics: Joshua Wan; performer: Kaira Gong)

I cannot recall this song, but there were 2 versions of it. 

Link :

Chinese version  幸福的图形

2005: “Reach Out for the Skies”
(music: Elaine Chan; lyrics: Selena Tan; performers: Taufik Batisah and Rui En)

Taufik Batisah, the newly minted Singapore idol, sang the song with Rui En.


Rui En had her own Chinese Version of the song 勇敢向前飞

2004: “Home” 
(remix; music/lyrics: Dick Lee; performers: Young Voices)

The official MV featured young voice. Kit Chan and JJ Lin performed the songs during NDP Parad.


2003: “One United People” 
(music/lyrics: Joshua Wan; performer: Stefanie Sun)

Stephanie Sun returned on a back-to-back edition. It was a first for a performer for an NDP song, and we are not complaining.


Chinese version

(music/lyrics: Dick Lee; performer: Stefanie Sun)

Ok, Stefanie Sun is one of my favourite singers. With her hitting the right notes on a Dick Lee Song, it never felt more right.


Chinese version

2001: “Where I Belong” 
(music/lyrics/performer: Tanya Chua)

This tune was actually quite soothing. Unfortunately, it did not hit the heights of Home. The song featured both English and Chinese versions.

Chinese Version

2000: “Shine on Me” 
(music/lyrics: Jim Lim; performers: Mavis Hee and Jai Wahab)

There were 2 versions of the same song. The English one was sung by Jai Wahab, and the Chinese version by Mavis Hee. 

Chinese Version


The latter was the better version.

1999: “Together” 
(music/lyrics: Ken Lim; performers: Evelyn Tan and Dreamz FM)

Written by Ken Lim, who was better known as Singapore Idol Judge. A soft tune and one that was less sung in comparison to the other fellow judge (Dick Lee) songs.


  Chinese version of the song 心连心

1998: “Home” 
(music/lyrics: Dick Lee; performer: Kit Chan)

A befitting song to kick start the tradition of yearly NDP songs. Home would go on to become the most favourite NDP song and is a constant feature in recent NDPs. There should be a petition to make this THE NDP SONG.


There was also a Chinese version of the same song 家

1998: "City for the World" 
( Lyrics: Roger Jenkins)

Do you know that there was another NDP song for 1998? This lesser-known song was sung by children.

1997: "Future in My Dreams " (music/lyrics: SAF Music Drama)*

There was a hiatus of NDP songs for the past 7 years. This was not an official NDP song, but part of the sentimental tune probably gave inspiration to the organisers to bring NDP songs to the parade.


1990: “One People, One Nation, One Singapore” 
(music: Jeremy Monteiro; lyrics: Jim Aitchison)

The first local NDP songwriter. It focused on building a nation and staying as one. The number ONE had never sounded so good.

1987: “We are Singapore” 
(music/lyrics: Hugh Harrison; performers: Jonathan Tan Teck Meng, Roslinda Baharudin, Robert Fernando and Anne Weerapass)

It will not be too far off if you think this is similar to the first 2 songs in theme. This is written by the same songwriter Hugh Harrison who dominated the NDP song scene for the past 3 years. His songs have a chest-thumping feel that one would find familiar.

1986: “Count on Me, Singapore”
(music/lyrics: Hugh Harrison; performer: Clement Chow)

A less mellow tune but the same nationalistic pride is infused in the song. After all, count on me, Singapore! 

1984: “Stand Up for Singapore” 
(music/lyrics: Hugh Harrison)

The song that kicked off the NDP Song tradition. Patriotic and full of gusto, this is one song created to promote the idea of Nationalism. Stand up for Singapore, everyone!


Love the NDP songs?

Download our full playlist at our Youtube Channel: The Wacky Duo

Fun Facts about NDP Songs
  • Before NDP songs, Singaporeans sang Singapura, Chan Mali Chan, Di Tanjung Katong and Munnaeru . These old-school songs were not official NDP songs but were sung occasionally during NDP (even today). NDP songs were mooted due to the lack of National Songs.
  • The first local songwriter for an NDP song was another Jazz Pianist, Jeremy Monterio. The song was One People, One Nation, One Singapore. Compared to earlier versions of NDP songs, it had a more mellow and soothing tone to it.
  •  There was a hiatus from 1991 to 1997 with no new NDP songs.
  • The 1997 song, Future in my Dream was not an official song; rather, it was part of the first musical done for NDP. Nonetheless, it probably leads to the revival of NDP songs from 1998
  • Not all NDP songs will include Singapore in the lyrics. Take, for example, Shine On Me (2000)Where I Belong (2001), We Will Get There (2002), There's No Place I'd Rather Be (2007),  Love at First Sight (2012)  and  Tomorrow's here today. Being Singaporeans, there will always be someone complaining about this.
      • There was not one, but two NDP songs in 1998. In spite of Home's popularity, there is another lesser-known song, City for the World. This is repeated in 2007 with There's No Place I'd Rather Be and Will You.
      • Singapore's favourite  NDP song would be Home. It was as voted as such in a poll in 2013. Personally, we think it should be the made the official NDP song to be played in the yearly parade. It is almost a crime not to do so.
      • Home was originally written for the Sing Singapore festival instead of NDP 
      •  Not every year will we get an NDP song. Sometimes we will reuse old familiar favourites. Home was used in 1998, 2004 and 2014. 2014 also featured a compilation of past NDP Songs featuring One People, One Nation, One Singapore, Home, and What Do You see.
      • For a period (1998  to 2008), There were English and Chinese versions of NDP songs.
      • Since 1998, there will be a new NDP song every year or, in 2004, a remix version of Home. In 2014, the organisers decided to forgo the NDP song and created a big hoo-ha as it broke a 16-year tradition. A melody of past songs was used instead for the year. This decision was ironic because Singaporeans complained that the recent NDP songs were uninspiring. It proved one thing- we should not complain too much.
        • Dick Lee wrote the most NDP songs (4). He gets credits for Home (1998), We Will Get There (2002), Home Remix (2004) and Our Singapore(2015).
        • There is no NDP song that incorporates the 4 major languages of Singapore (English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil). An idea for the future?

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