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Bristo Bytes : Alternative to Food Court at i12 Katong

Fancy getting food to go from multiple restaurants in one location?

Bristo Bytes has an interesting concept. It has different F&B brands in this unique locker-style takeaway. To be honest, when we first saw this place, we had no clue what to expect.

Bristo Bytes

Bristo Bytes Restaurants: i12 Katong

Bristo Byets is a multi-brand restaurant. The brands are not operating as individual stores at i12 Katong, but they offer a selection from their menu at i12 Katong. 

There is a decent selection from Japanese to stacked sandwiches to Nasi Lemak and even a Kopitiam-style breakfast set. As of the last count, there are 9 different restaurant options with over 100 food items on the menu. You can find familiar names, such as Stacked and A-One, as part of the group of restaurants.

Bristo Byets eating area

While there is a place for you to dine in, Bristo Byets is a takeaway restaurant.

Bristo Bytes Lockers

Located on the second floor of i12 Katong, it is easy to locate. Just take the nearest escalator from the entrance, up one floor and walk straight to the end. You will be greeted by a wall of lockers. 

Bristo Bytes Ordering Kiosk

Ordering is easy, head to one of the three automated kiosks and select your meal. You could select from different restaurants in one order. This is great for those who are buying on the go for a meal.

Scan and Collect

Once your order is ready, it will be flashed on the board above the locker. Scan your receipt at the Scan and Collect; the locker will automatically light up and open. Waiting time was approximately 15 mins when we were there on a  Saturday evening.

Collect your meal, and you can eat on the spot or bring it home.

Your Food

We ordered the Bitchy Bacon from Stacked. It does look the same as per the menu, but we expected it to be slightly bigger due to reviews we had read. For comparison, it is about the size of a Big Mac.

You can also order online for your food, do note the prices would be about 10% higher if you order online, and that excludes the delivery charge.


For the convenience of ordering from different restaurants in one place, Bristo Bytes works for us. Despite having a seated area, it works better as a takeout restaurant than a sit-in restaurant. 

For the price, it may be slightly more expensive than compared to the Malaysia Boleh! Located in the basement, ongoing promotions usually offer a good discount.


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