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Hanam Pig Myeongdong Review: Authentic Korea BBQ

Looking for a Korean BBQ experience at Myeongdong?

If you want an authentic BBQ experience at Meyongdong, Seoul, Hanam Pig could be the place to go.

Nestled on the edge of Myeondong, this place serves up grilled pork. It felt like a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, as the interior was rather small and a tad squeezy. The Google Reviews were encouraging, with a 4.1 rating.

You have the option for an individual or a set. Individual meats cost from 17,000 won onwards for around 150g of meat, and the sets come with 600 g of meat.

The set cost from 52,000 won to 69,000 won, depending on what you ordered. Each diner are supposed to order a minimum amount to dine in. The choice of meat range from pork Belly to Collar Butt to Skirt Meat to Jowl Meat and more.

The meat is cooked by the staff. While there are spaces under the chair to put your jackets or other items, there will be a high chance of smelly clothes due to the proximity of the cooking area.


As for the meat, it was palatable but not exactly memorable.


The meal cooked by the staff is convenient, the portions can be quite small. We ordered a set and two additional dishes for four but still felt hungry after the meal. 

Other nearby food options may provide more bang for the buck given the price.

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