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Paying with coins in Singapore? Here are 5 things you may not know.


So you have a piggy bank full of coins.

Occasionally, a hawker or a retail shop may refuse to accept your coins. Do you know that they are allowed to do so?

If you plan to pay with coins with your savings, here are some things you need to know. 

1 Legal Tender Limits

Coins can be used to pay for goods and services up to a limit of 20 coins per denomination. This would be you can pay as follow

1¢Coin  x 20 = $0.20

5¢Coin x 20 = $1.00

10¢Coin  x 20 = $2.00

20¢Coin x 20 = $4.00

50¢Coin x 20 = $10.00

$1 Coin x 20 = $20

Maximum possible payment with coins = $37.20

2 Written Notices for Amounts Accepted

While coins are legal tenders, vendors can decide if they wish to receive payments in coins. 

They can choose the following options.

  • Do not accept any or all denominations of currency notes or coins; the denominations of notes or coins they will not accept as payments.
  • Limit the quantity of any denomination of notes or coins that they will accept in a transaction, such as the limit on quantity.
3) Vendor can refuse to sell goods and services with coins even if there is no written notice

According to MAS guidelines, vendors may refuse to accept coins for the goods and services if they notify customers before a debt is incurred. However, if this is not informed beforehand, vendors will have to accept the legal tender limits.

Eg : Before you make a purchase of a drink, the vendor tells you he only accepts notes before he serves you. He has the right to refuse to sell if you do not accept the terms.

4) Written Notices need to follow guidelines
  • Be in the English language at the minimum
  • Be legible and preferably in print
  • Be provided to customers prior to any transactions by handing out notices or displaying the written notices.
  • Must clearly state the denomination of notes or coins that are not accepted. If limits on acceptance of certain denominations of notes or coins as payment, the written notice must specify the denomination and the quantity that will not be accepted.
5) You can complain the vendor to MAS 
If there is no written notice and the vendor does not accept your notes or coins, you can make a complaint if there is no verbal notice before the transaction. 

  • Provide the following details on an online feedback form.
  • Name and location of the shop
  • Date and time of visit
  • What the payment was for, and the details of the payment denomination that was rejected.

If you find this a hassle, consider depositing your coins for free in Singapore.

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