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Shaun the Sheep's Circus Show is coming to Singapore!


Shaun the Sheep show is coming to Singapore, and it is not what you expect!

What has a circus have in common with Shaun the sheep?

The answer: Shaun the Sheep's Circus Show!

Two unexpected worlds collide at Marina Bay Sands Theatre next week. From 10-21 May, you will get to see the internationally-acclaimed Australian Circus ensemble Circa, and Academy Award-winning Studio, Aardman, bringing the popular children's TV show to life.

This is not purely a children show, not is it a straightforward circus act. Shaun and the flock of sheep will entertain you through incredible feats of daredevil acrobatics and vibrant circus skills. This international premiere is a must-see family entertainment filled with heart-warming comedy and playful charm.

Tickets are prices from $45 to $135. The duration of the show is about 95 minutes long.

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